World’s Largest Solar Power Park 2000 MW is now in Karnataka India

World's Largest Solar Power Park 2000 MW is now in Karnataka India

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Solar power in India. India now has the world’s largest solar power park. 2000 MW of solar power. India is now a leader in renewable energy. The cost of 2000 MW of installed capacity is about 2.3 billion $. This is a mega construction project which has now made India the home of ultra mega solar power plants. The plant is located in Pavagada Karnataka.

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  1. We are just in time for this …The sun has begun to shine on India after 700 years of foreign invasions and ransacking…Indians finally have reclaimed the land and are beginning to reshape the world…time to get back to our past glory and lead the world…good luck India!!!

  2. Kudankulam generates 2000 MW now and is planning for 6000 MW which is double that of this solar plant. This comes at a much less space of land which is less than 1/10th of the 13000 acres used up by this solar plant. And considering the efficiency, nuclear holds 90% efficiency as compared to solar. Nuclear also beats solar in terms of cost of maintenance. Of course, the word nuclear obviously means there is a risk of leaks. But as a comparison, Kudankulam was a much better investment than this solar plant built by Mr.Adani. With India advancing in technology in all forms, especially the next generation energy source called Thorium, we should be wise enough to invest accordingly. I'm sure i'm not as knowledgeable as the higher authorities who would have analyzed much more and planned accordingly. This is merely my personally opinion and I want to believe that this solar plant is a real wise investment rather than mere symbol of pride.

  3. I absolutely love Solar but it takes so much space and space is something we don't have in India. That land could have served so many purposes but now it is stuck.
    I wish nuclear waste management had made any real breakthroughs in the last decade so we could use it to its full potential, what a waste (pun intended).

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