Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind is a valuable renewable energy source. Limitations like cost and space needed to build make it hard for some wind turbine projects to get off the ground. Hopefully, advancements can be made so that there is a way to store the energy that is produced via wind turbines in the future.

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  1. Wind Power turbines all over the US are most powerful through the winter. In the summer the solar panels carry the loads. That's why its important that you do hybrid wind/solar. Without solkar a wind power system is unbalanced seasonally.

  2. Why doesn't joe public benefit from this then…. still paying ridiculous amounts of money for our electricity…. What's it all about? Greed as usual, and ruining the environment

  3. "The wind will alway be blowing somewhere." Although this is true you have to factor in how strong it is blowing. An average industrial wind turbine startup speed is about 3m/s. A 2MW turbine at 3m/s will produce virtually nothing. At 4 or 5m/s (which just happens to be the average wind speed at a wind farm) the output will be roughly 200kW. That amount of energy is only enough to run approximately 80 vacuum cleaners. Seriously? Only 80 vacuum cleaners from a $4 Million turbine. Such a waste of time.

    Although wind farms emit barely any carbon emissions in operation they are causing a number of other environmental issues. One of the main ones is the emission of infrasound. Infrasound is a type of sound that is inaudible to humans. However people who are exposed to infrasound report experiencing high levels of stress for long periods of time. Even though humans can't hear the sound, things like you Outer Hair Cells are being violently stimulated, yet your brain does not register the effect on your OHC since the frequency is too low to be considered sound. The same logic works for light. UV light is light you can't see but your skin is still affected, i.e sunburn.

    Studies have shown that wind turbines emit sounds as loud as 110dB (decibels) which is about as loud as a car horn from 1 meter away. Like I said earlier your OHC are being stimulated but your brain does not register it. A lot of people/companies tend to A-Weight the sound level (dBA) rather than use dB. This is wrong since dBA cancels out infrasound altogether.

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