Wind Power: The Truth

Wind Power: The Truth

Wind power is set to play a vital role in the UK’s future energy mix, yet the truth of its versatility and usefulness is often lost in a bluster of myths and untruths. Our Wind Power Facts video is packed with interesting and current facts about wind power, and is a great learning resource about wind energy.

Sets out factually supported evidence of the expediency of wind power, answers a host of common questions and dispels a cloud of myths which surround the industry.

18 Comments on “Wind Power: The Truth”

  1. In Ontario we subsidize wind power and sell electricity to the US for a fraction of what Canadians pay. It's a FACT!

  2. && uncertainty of 15454 wind farms is far greater than the certainty of 1 solar power plant. This through personal work experience. Don’t start the slogan with something that discourages any renewable technologies.

  3. Some one else saying wind power is cheap. Wind per Mwatt hour is twice the average wholesale price and off shore wind three times the price. It need sbackup running all the time and constraint payments when they are asked to not generate costs the consumer more than if they were generating.
    A great system if you invest or run a wind farm but costly for teh consumer and tatlly unreliable.

  4. the link doesn't work, I'm writing a report on sustainable energy and it would be helpful if I could see the references and stuff please 🙂

  5. "The Truth" this is the most one sided video i have ever seen. Please make a video about the disadvantages of wind turbines.

  6. I don't think people get it yet. Renewable energy is impossible to store and difficult to regulate together with other conventional sources at a national level. If you understand this, then the solution is obvious. Individual homes need to do it for themselves. If a low cost is your only concern, then keep relying on fossil fuels. There are people who are already making their own mega-sized powerwalls fed only by solar power. Wind power is just another renewable source which we already know how to harness. Some people already realised that there's no harm in harnessing both.

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