Which Solar Batteries Are Best for Off Grid Van Life?

Which Solar Batteries Are Best for Off Grid Van Life?

Buying the best Solar batteries for van life can be a complicated purchase since there are thousands of options with different amp hours and voltage and types. Here’s some SIMPLE information.

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Going Off Grid With Solar And Wind Power

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  1. I am searching for best bang for the buck on flooded lead acid 6v battery non sealed . Any recommendations will greatly be appreciated

  2. If you are driving with these they need to be strapped to the frame with metal ties. (or nylon equivalent)
    That wood frame is like paper for those batteries in a head-on accident. The weight multiplied by your speed x2 given the other cars speed is similar to a civil war cannonball.
    It will fly through your bed, the seats, past you, the dash, into the other car, and into other people.

    The more batteries you have, the more cannonballs you fire. Some drive around with 8+ batteries not strapped down at all. That is basically shotgun cannon.

    What are the chances and risks really?
    If you survive then you are legally going to deal with involuntary manslaughter and negligence.
    There is regulation on batteries in vehicles for a reason.

  3. More solar panels does not mean we can charge it quicker either. If they are using AGM sealed batteries then they need a slower charge than a flooded lead-acid battery. Too much will just destroy them. It can be worse than discharging the battery below 50%. The MPPT controller should handle that, however. But then it's pointless if that is limiting your solar input anyway. And we pull from the battery when we use power, not the solar panels.
    So it's a good idea to correctly size solar to the battery bank. (Which should also be strapped down.)

  4. Thank you SIR! Ive done much the same as you did for a battery bank. Question on your setup. What gauge/size power cable did you end up using? 4/0 awg for all?

  5. It kinda sounded like you were partial to the AGM as opposed to the GEL. Is that right, or are they both Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries of different types or are the VRLA or what? The more I learn the less I know.

  6. Good video & advice. Something I would add to your advice. Always buy the battery bank first & get a big enough battery to handle your needs + plus 50%. Next buy the best charge control you get get for that size battery bank. Method of charge solar,wind, generator or vehicle charge system is much less important as you can use any or all of the above to do the job. 20yrs of living off grid will teach you some expensive lessons. I wasted a lot of money before learning that lesson.

  7. After watching the complete vid, I have a question for u? I currently have a 100w solar from HF with battery, would it be possible to connect 3 more battery to the 100w solar kit I have or would i need to add another solar panel?

  8. I took a look at the agm battery I have from Harbor Freight & it wasn't the same as the 1 u have for some reason I thought it was the same brand. Good information being told by u much appreciated

  9. Awesome video! Best explanation I’ve heard – as far as it went. To make a perfect video: don’t just blast past “charge controller“ and “inverter.“ Define those terms. Thanks for making this.

  10. Enjoyed your video and have a question. Why do you suggest not mixing the size of Ah batteries? I’ve read conflicting information regarding this…some companies say you can mix other post/videos say don’t.

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