Top 5 Wind Turbine FAILS & Mishaps

Top 5 Wind Turbine FAILS & Mishaps

The top five wind turbine fails and mishaps. Find out what happens when a wind turbine meets too much wind! These machines help power our world, but they sometimes malfunction as shown in this video.

*The videos used in this compilation qualify under fair use*
Video Attributions: Dborup, EW, Explore Drone, Gokhan Ozdemir

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20 Comments on “Top 5 Wind Turbine FAILS & Mishaps”

  1. Too bad the idiot that shot the footage of #2 didn't know how to use his phone. Shoot it in landscape mode and hold it still!

  2. Build a nuclear power plant, you can cover the spending in 4 years, build a wind turbine, you can benefit from it only if it runs 20 years as designed. If you don't get the money to buy a good one, don't buy it at all. Wind turbines are not a solution for poor countries to solve their energy shortage, and not a toy for low tech companies to build.

  3. Wow u put the 5 video as a 1 wow,and replayed it so you can strech the video to 10 min so u can make some money wow

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