Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for your home

182. Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for your home

Green Energy Futures follows Jeff as he does an EnerGuide for Homes audit on Brian and Laura Finley’s 1956 home. It’s all part of assembling our Top 10 Energy Efficiency Measures for your home! Knowing where you are losing energy really helps you make good decisions about where to save energy.

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  1. Another great video David, but I would like to point out that a hot water heater cannot exceed 100% efficiency. A water heater that is 250% efficient in reality means it is 2.5x more efficient than a standard electric resistance heater. So it is taking heat from the ambient air and using that to boost the efficiency, and therefore doesn't break the first law of thermodynamics. So from a $ perspective if a standard heater used $100 / month, a heat pump hot water heater would use 2.5x less or $40 / month.

  2. Save money by looking long term and not short term. Spending a little more for energy efficiency saves money long term.
    An electric vehicle will save money over the long run. Walking, bicycling and mass transit are better yet. I had an energy efficiency audit on my home and and followed the recommendations given. I added insulation and sealed air leaks. My energy bills went down 30% the following month. I am now replacing light bulbs with LED's which are 85% more efficient. Spend a little money to save money every month after. Electric car, electric lawn mower, electric snow blower, no emissions.

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