Tiny House Solar System for High Power Use

Tiny House Solar System for High Power Use

Learn about solar power for tiny homes with Chris Tack.

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  1. Cool system! Something I learnt recently is the cost effective thing to do is not oversize your inverter but in fact undersize it, by about 10-15% (with respect to the array's peak power). The solar market is moving so quickly that the chances and practicalities of being able to upgrade the array economically even in the near future are slim. So, you're better to size the system to match your current needs and expect to pretty much start again if you need something beefier later. Also, unless you really need to be off grid, batteries are currently too expensive to make economic sense and you are better making up any shortfall from the grid. The good news is that electric cars are rapidly driving down the per unit price of batteries, so it won't be too long before this is no longer true. Good luck.

  2. Just to remind folks two things. 1) Watch your wire connections, make sure they are elevated off the metal at all points and to use steel/aluminum metals that when combined don't corrode. 2) The grounding rod is there to keep yourself from dying in case the metal is electrified by the solar panels. These panels can create enough voltage and amperage to be fatal in the shadiest of conditions.

  3. Good job, keep those batteries protected from the elements as much as the electric values bro.. Moisture, humidity and heat oh my!

  4. this is awesome with a tiny house like this and this source of power.. I can have free electricity forever.. awesome!

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