The Tech That Could Fix One of Wind Power’s Biggest Problems

The Tech That Could Fix One of Wind Power's Biggest Problems

Hello World’s Ashlee Vance paid a recent visit to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik to see the next part of the green energy story. He found a start-up called Icewind that is building a new type of funky wind turbine designed to perform well in low-wind conditions but also to slow itself down in high-winds, preventing it from catching on fire or ripping apart.

20 Comments on “The Tech That Could Fix One of Wind Power’s Biggest Problems”

  1. Nice cell phone charger for $10,000!! Maybe with all of that excess energy, I could run a can opener and an alarm clock!

  2. It is just such a shame that traditional fossil fuel energy companies prevent such technology from truly making an effect. Greed … what ya gunna do huh.

  3. The purple ones on top the bus-stop have those sharp points om top of them. They should cut those points off to reduce the chance of hurting birds.

  4. Wow an other step made by small entreprises, young people with a vision. I used to be one, but now an old funny daddy.

  5. wow only 2 turbines needed for a wifi hotspots AND advertising at a bus stop? incredible. they must be at least 10mw each!

  6. 2 Thors!! You know you gonna get plenty of energy!

    On a serious note I am curious how this form of wind turbine is doing?

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