The Secret Dirty War to Stop Solar Power

The Secret Dirty War to Stop Solar Power

Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy / ALEC Exposed, joins Thom Hartmann.

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  1. most of the "solar companies programs" out there are high interest scams. Do you research . This is what a lobbyist does. SMH

  2. In 1973 the US made an agreement with Saudi Arabia to guarantee that all oil should be sold in US dollars (petrodollar ). This creates a demand for the American currency and allows the US to print money without any financial back (FIAT Dólar). More oil sold more demand for the US dólar. This is why the US don't really care about alternative energy. If we reduce de demand for oil will be bad for the American economy.

  3. 1:35 The two major solar panel production companies in the USA went bankrupt a few years ago. all new solar panels made are produced mainly in China and other countries. solar panels are not made in the USA.

  4. The biggest problem is the manufacturing of the pure silicon used in solar panels uses both a lot of energy, but also a huge amount of toxic chemicals. The chemical waste can be recycled, but it requires a lot of energy and money to do so. Most solar panels are manufactured in China because the companies are not required to recycle the waste and instead it is dumped. Also a majority of the electricity in China is dirty coal plants, so the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing of these solar panels is way worse than the benefits.

    Now that aside the benefits gain from solar on a significant scale is very limited do to the inconsistency of solar and the inability to store the energy. If we had a cheap, safe, and environmentally friendly battery system installed in each home that could hold as much as 4 days of energy then cities could massively increase the use of solar. The city would have to have access to the charge controllers of the batteries though and let you charge when there is abundance of power only… so during the daylight hours on sunny days. The problem is these battery technologies are years away… as in 10 to possibly 50 years away.

    The other thing is they need to reduce the environmental impact of the solar panels. The best and most efficient relies on a much smaller high efficiency heat resistant solar panel that is only about a 6" to 8" disc that sits at the focal point of a 10 foot reflective dish… basically it looks like a large satellite dish. The solar panel is water cooled and can be as much as 40% efficient. While this panel is very expensive it size makes it much cheaper overall and the dish could be a lightweight polished aluminum or possibly even a mylar coated plastic. The dish would be electronically controlled to face directly into the sun, but be able to fold down in high wind, snow, hail, or rain. The other advantage is the water cooling system can dissipate the heat with a simple radiator and fan or it can be circulated into hot water tanks for heating to save additional energy costs making the system as much as 60% efficient. Do to the ability to track the son and the high efficiency this system could be as much as 10x better than current traditional fixed solar panels that are typically installed.

    With the combination of battery banks in homes and solar dishes like this, small towns could in certain areas of the US could easily convert to 100% solar. Areas in the North could possibly be as much as 50-75% solar. The other good thing is this could result in the grid not being needed or being broken up into much smaller sections. This would save money and make the US power systems much safer and reliable. With the advent of better batteries and possibly capacitors, electric cars would actually be more feasible and better for the environment. Currently they are just like solar panels and are actually much worse for the environment. Instead of the governments subsidizing "green technology" that is actually horrible for the environment, they should be putting the money into researching these technologies… and stop listening to Elon Musk. His ideas are NOT better for the environment, but he sure does make a lot of money off those government grants.

  5. I used solar panel to charged and powered my Bitcoin generator, and my house. I have an almost clean profit for my generator and never paid my bills. Hahaha….. bottomline, it's all about money, huh.

  6. You can now buy a 'grid-tied limiter inverter with battery option' and add as much solar panels to you want to your house because this inverter does not feed back to the grid! Essentially, you're going off-grid but still connected. You have to do this sometimes, not going completely off-grid, because the city or town that you belong to live in forces you to have electrical connection to your house!!! They are forcing you to be dependent on the grid! You could use this inverter without a battery pack, but are you going to really use 2000 watts of power all day long constantly? No, so you have to store it in a battery Bank!

  7. Walmart is one of the largest installers of rooftop solar. The real culprit is the liberal mayors that want to protect unions and overprice electricity so they can live in Santa Fe and tell us what a bunch of bums we are. It took 6 months to get approvals, 1 days to install, another 2 weeks to get permit, and like 3 months to get the right to turn it on. Scam. Now these mofo go in helocpters trying to shut everyone down. Solar is cheap less $1 a watt to install, but the liberal mafia use bait and switch to try and place the blame on the right.

  8. Stop solar power? Great idea… let's just take the plunge and advocate for mass suicides in the streets… because pushing coal is pushing the end of this inhabitable planet.

  9. they want to monopolize solar too. greedy bastards deserve to get their head chopped on guillotine, like the old days.

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