The economics of Chile’s renewable energy

The economics of Chile's renewable energy

Chile is now one of the world’s leaders in clean renewable energy.
The green industry is helping the country’s economy grow by attracting investors.
Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Cerro Pabellon, Chile.

20 Comments on “The economics of Chile’s renewable energy”

  1. Thanks Argentina for stopping selling gas, thanks Bolivia for saying "we will never sell gas to Chile". You forced us to find other ways to produce energy, and now we can see the results!

  2. Good Job Chile in geothermal. hopefully EDC Philippines will finish it's project there.

  3. It's just another failure if you measure the temperature before and after installing. The solar fields in New Mexico fry bird's in flight. I doubt it was that hot before the solar farm was installed. If everyone put in solar panels the planet would heat up even faster than now. Stupid now and always will be. If you're idea of a good renewable energy is to heat up the planet. Then you have really got something here.

  4. This is just so obvious you have to wonder how corruption in the USA can lead some to believe that the future can be found in the past, that wars and terrorism are an acceptable cost for the despoiling of Earth through fossil fuels.

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