The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia

The DIY World Installing Solar Panels On A Home In Australia

I was asked by a friend in Australia to install his solar panels, batteries and inverter. This was a good opportunity for me to practice my skills in solar power installation.

He had a complete solar power set complete with four 80 watt solar panels, two huge batteries, a solar charge controller and a pure sine wave inverter. This is from a camper he once had.

At first we decided to cut an old wooden pallet to size and put the batteries on that. My friend and his kids helped get the pallet ready.

When that was done i put the batteries on the pallet. This was a challenge because each battery weighs 160 pounds. I then wired up the batteries together in parallel to increase the total Amp Hours of the battery bank while keeping a 12 volt system.

We drilled a hole in the box to accept the wires coming from the solar panels. I put a solar panel on the porch roof to test the system out. After connecting the solar charge controller to the batteries I then wired up a solar panel to the charge controller and saw that it was charging the batteries.

But my friend came up with a better idea for the batteries and dragged out this huge trunk that will now house the batteries and double as a bench.

I got the batteries wired up in the new trunk and this is where I had to leave it for the day.

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  1. Im not an electrician – so in English what exactly do I need to live off grid completely?I want to get a 10kw off grid solar system – what would each panel have to be in wats? What size batteries would I need? Any other information I should know??

  2. If your watching this and thinking of doing solar on your home it'll be a good idea to film it to teach others you'll benefit you plus others just like this video is giving you info same with you everyone but I Wana actually make free energy non reliant to the elements so free self powering perpetual electric generator magnet power so magnetic pull rejection propulsion but solar is very good wind anything free is good

  3. You gotta check the area if there's chances of flooding ask owners if then put it on a stand with measuring lines with a cut off switch so just a switch to seperate the joint current water proof just like an electric bike waterproof but portable generators always have duck tape to tape the power connection up under the coverings etc safety especially for kids

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