Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery: The Stuff Worth Knowing

Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery: The Stuff Worth Knowing

Elon Musk recently unveiled Tesla Energy and the Powerwall home battery. I’ll attempt to cut through the hype and break down the basics to get you primed for your next water-cooler convo. NOTE: One of the most important things we neglected to mention in the video is that a big part of the appeal for this system is not economical, but environmental. I think the same is generally true of Tesla’s cars. It may not be easier on the wallet (at least not yet) but you’re powering your home with green energy instead of fossil fuels, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

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  1. The average dutch household only uses about 4,000 kWh per year, less than half of what the Americans use.
    We all warm our houses with natural gas, so that may explain the difference.
    Consumer price of our electricity is 21 euro-cents per kWh, so about twice as expensive due to (environmental) taxes.

  2. great subject… tesla is wonderful, everything is great,.. elon is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood the starman is a person in your neighborhood, a person that you meet each day!

  3. It is not cost effective now but at the rate that the technology is improving with in a few years it will be. I am holding out for Graphene batteries.

  4. use thorium and nuclear power then build dams run water up a hill during off peak hours then run a turbine update the grid and we are set

  5. I pay only $15-$50 (depending on the time of year) a month to make up for electricity when I net meter with the main grid at night when my panels don't produce . I never have to worry about a degrading power wall which gets to about 80% performance after 10 years. If for example I was to buy 2 units for my house, get the inverter, delivery, install and permits. I'm looking at upwards of $15k for everything out the door. Now lets say I get a screaming deal of 0% for 20 years (I'm paying 4.5% for my panels), my payments would be about $62.50 a month which is more than what I'm paying by staying connected to my grid.

    Like you mentioned earlier, it makes no sense to get a power wall if your already connected to the grid. Financially you are spending more money to live off the grid. However, if you are building a house off the grid, then this makes perfect sense because connecting to a grid depending how rural you are can be VERY expensive. It is definitely only for the environmentally conscience or for people who have money to burn. Good video.

  6. Its the initiation of a big revolution for sure that we will see in the near future…like we have seen in camera industry, digital cameras has changed the whole dimension of clicking pictures that we do today, during the time of SLR's no one have even imagined it….specially 'kodak' 😁 lol.

  7. The internet produces experts by the ton. It produces even more critics. One way or the other when you buy something that's expensive and requires lots of labor you have a good chance of getting screwed. Why didn't this guy say something about a unit that did the same job or better and cost less? Is it because there aren't any? Such is life.

  8. If you go with solar then try to change your appliances and lighting over to DC so you won't need to invert…

  9. I loathe people who make statements that aren't true and assume that we are so stupid that we'll just swallow it without even thinking about it! Product aside: YOU SUCK! Stop insulting our intelligence.
    a) …it doesn't look like the TMA in 2001, goofball. You can't just say that things look alike when they aren't, it affects your
    credibility. Do you think that a bunch of dimwatts are watching this or what?!
    b) peak electricity usage doesn't occur at night.

  10. thanks! very clear, fun… i'm just now putting in a 7kw solar system on my house. i have a
    Bolt electric car. the battery would allow energy independece i see there is hope for humanity

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