Tesla Just Unveiled New Rooftop Solar Cells That Look Like Regular Shingles

Tesla Just Unveiled New Rooftop Solar Cells That Look Like Regular Shingles

Oct. 31 — Tesla unveiled its first ever solar product at an event at Universal Studios in Los Angeles on October 29, 2016. And it’s not a solar panel – it’s a range of four solar roofing materials that look almost indistinguishable from high-end terracotta, slate, or asphalt shingles. Bloomberg’s Tom Randall explains why Tesla wants a solar-powered trifecta.

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  1. Of course hater will be leaping at the comments box, and sure, this stuff aint cheap, but you know whats also not cheap. Oil in the winter months. Oil when your local city and state decides to get all greedy and jack up the taxes for the oil you purchase be it for your home or cars. yes its Mostly city and state that increase the oil prices. Indeed world conflicts and demands dont help as well. The ever growing damage from global warming will force countries to restrict oil use, driving up prices, at the end of the day having a suedo free suedo off the grid alternative is always a good thing. Yes their will be other companies eventually offering such products for far cheaper, but when? and what kinda service warantees will they have. And how much of that will be linked to China or India. At least with Tesla your getting a truly american based an serviced product. And at best, even if Tesla product knock 50% of your cost down, that 50% of major expenses. anything more is a god-send.

  2. Tesla is doing amazing things, time to get away from those money whore fossil fuel companies. And crude electric companies.

  3. That being said. Will tesla own your roof like solar city did for those foolish enough to sign a contract with them? Can't sell your house unless new buyers agree to solar city's crooked contract.

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  5. Sweet. Buy that Man a beer for saving us all from climate change and then buy à beer for the man who bought that beer because he was first to it!

  6. I hope he succeeds with this plan. It's going to be the next 2/3 years when we'll see profits coming from his companies

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