Tesla Device – Free Energy – Truly Green Energy From Perpetual Motion Induced by Magnets

Tesla Device - Free Energy - Truly Green Energy From Perpetual Motion Induced by Magnets
If you live in an area that is prone to disasters and you usually suffer from long power cuts or grid failures or in case your finances are being really hurt by the electrical bills you have to pay, you should be aware of a new invention that is now available so that all of us can benefit from it. The Power Innovator Program e-book and video tutorial will help us save a lot of money by helping us create our own electricity generation device. That is correct! You will be able to produce your own electricity at home.

The Power Innovator Program PDF guidebook consists of a program that will guide you to your own electrical independence. Have you ever thought that something like this was possible? The ridiculous expensive charges that electrical corporations charge us can now be replaced by a small device that you will create and it will help you save up to 80% or more on your electrical bill. The device can be carried around as it is actually very small and can be used to power anything, from small devices like a radio to big devices such as a fridge. You can even update your device so that it can power up your own house. You will be effectively saving hundreds of dollars!

This is a highly effective program, relatively cheap, that will teach you build your own power generator device. You will only have to invest between to in order to buy the different pieces you need. This price is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars you will save from now on. These pieces and parts can be easily acquired from any electrical store next to your location.

The Power Innovator Program Details

The new program was designed by Prof. Richard Goran, based on Nikola Tesla´s design and invention. The Power Innovator Program e-book is an easy to read and follow step by step guide that will enable you to build the power generation device in less than two hours, if you have a helping hand. The guidebook and the highly detailed tutorial will teach you what a Bifilar Pancake Protocol is and how to do it yourself. Although this knowledge has been available for more than a hundred years, it was actually not ready to be prepared by a single individual.

The bifilar coil, or Tesla coil as it is commonly referred to, is the soul and secret of this project. It has so much power that you should not build a new one for years as it can last for a long time. It can boost five times more electricity for the devices you have at home. You should not worry about power cuts and grid failures anymore!

Download The Power Innovator Program now to get instant access to this revolutionary device that will put an end to your electricity cravings. The invention can be easily constructed at home with no risk whatsoever, as it is perfectly safe to produce.

In Conclusion

This is a unique system that will grant you a huge deal of electrical independence. You will save more than 80% from your bill every month. It can be built with simple materials with a cost as low as 0. It will work all year long, and much more, so that you do not have to worry or keep investing money on it. More than 30.000 families have already benefited from this product. Now it is your turn!

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  1. I think the point it the magnets spin the weel wich would be attached to a turbine or dynamo and that would creat energy and charge batteries for storage. Still have to buy materials but i think it could work.

  2. Mightyelemental pretty much said what I was about to do, the like ratio is damm scary. people actually belive this. Makes me ashamed again to be human T_T

  3. ахах. еще одна блядь оплатила за 1000 ботов, но все напрасно. страдай сука! 🙂

    "это магнитный щит"… самого капитана америки, блядь.
    когда уже такие видосы начнут признавать экстремизмом? Я уже пиздить вас ребята хочу. Железной трубой.

  4. Why aren't you the richest man in the world by now?

    I think the answer to that question says everything about this "invention".

  5. oh, I am so convinced after this video. Too bad yt doesnt allow to give 1000 dislikes all together at the same time

  6. Magnets last for a 100 years… that’s good enough for me… by then I can afford the replacement

  7. Perpetuum Mobile is a great song, that's all. After that it dies as a fool hardy attempts to do something with out doing something.

  8. I have researched this for years. The problem I discovered with these machines is that the repelling force is over come by the magnets flipping action created by the circular pattern of the magnetic field. I like the experiment of putting magnets on the bottom of a model plane propeller. Then by a large circular magnet and place the propeller over the larger magnet using a nail partially into a block of wood. The magnets on the bottom of the propellers should push up and then be forced out by the angle of the propellers but the flipping action of the magnetic field is too strong. The propeller does not move, the magnetism acts more as a brake. I do think there is a way to do this though. We just haven't figured out, what is probably a small piece of the puzzle. Everybody should be toying with the idea from time to time. Perpetual motion for practical applications is real. You see it all over. Everything that defies gravity is using energy to defy gravity. Energy can not be completely destroyed. Look at the atomic bomb! Maybe anti matter but that would create energy when it contacts matter, so that is still energy.

  9. I didn't see or notice the writing in the description the last time I commented. But if you read thru this when it's telling you that for under a hundred dollars you will be able to build a device like this that will run your utilities and save your cost of what you're being charged over the year. That's if it would work which most of us already know that it does not. But I'm not going to get into that in this comment.
    But the fact about the second lie here if any of you have ever priced the materials just in the device that is shown here is well over a $1,000 to start with just in the magnets alone not counting the sheets of 1 1/2 in. high density plastic each one of those wheels are cut from at a $90 ea times how many wheels you have and what size. So Unless your getting stolen aluminum tubing and bearings and hinges you're already at $1,500 not counting shop cost of all the precision cutting out that needs to be done just for everything to fit precisely not to be out of balance and to hold all the now expensive magnet in place. to find out that machine does not work unless you have a person hiding behind the other side of the wheel with an electric motor spinning that shaft that's sticking out. But you dont notice that since its never shown till after the motor is winding down then you are able to see all around the device after it's too late.

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