Sun Solar 5kw solar grid tie w/ battery backup! FREE SOLAR! St. Louis, MO

Sun Solar 5kw solar grid tie w/ battery backup! FREE SOLAR! St. Louis, MO

This is a very cool system! Ron Rueter from Affton MO has picked us to sell and install him a complete turn key 5,000watt solar powered system to help offset his electric bills.

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  1. Not expensive at all 5 year payback 🙂

    250 watt solar panels.

    No one is getting screwed. I have 45 employees and installed over 500 homes in Missouri. Thanks for your concern.

  2. Good job on the video Caleb! I really like the SMA Inverters. I have installed several of the grid tie inverters with great success! I designed and helped a friend install a 6000 Watt system with a SMA-6000US grid tie string inverter. We found 18 surplus 330 Watt Q-Cell v.42 panels and we did a professional install with the Inverter for less than $4500. His power bill went from $300 last year in the summer to around $80 a month this summer. He uses 3 mini-split heat pumps and keeps his house around 68 to 70 degrees in the middle of the day. He is making surplus power during the day and gets a credit from the power company on his bill. No off grid yet but we are planning it. His grid tie so far will pay itself off in under 3 years since it was a DIY install. Even a Professional install like you are doing is great if it pays for itself in 5 years. There is nothing like getting your first power bill after turning on your solar and realize how much of your own power you are generating.

  3. Wow, that's very impressive.  When you are using the off grit system the inverter is actively been fed from the batteries and are the batteries been re-charged during that  period?  I would like to set up my inverter like that.  can it be w/out the solar panels?

  4. Very well explained video. Thank you. I'd be curious if you have any off grid videos My portfolio is in Off grid Africa 100-500 k w

  5. Caleb i would like to talk to you on the possibilities of establishing a branch of your company in African to meet the ever demanding source of solar energy especially here in Ghana due to the current power crisis with the nation grid. I chose your company over others because i noticed you know your way about this system and particularly know what you are doing as an expert. You can reach me if you are interested to work in Ghana and beyond,which i know you would be,because i believe the us is flooded with a lot of contractors and Africa provides the perfect environment or market to make you mark.
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  6. Thanks for sharing Your great equipment. I am just saving to see how fast can I have that type of equipment at home. Have a great time and good luck!!!

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