Solar Powered Stirling Engine

Solar Powered Stirling Engine

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This a solar powered stirling engine that uses a fresnel lens to concantrate the sun and produce power. Unfortunately the lens is sosmall that it can’t produce any useful amounts of electricity, so it’s just for demonstrating purposes.

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20 Comments on “Solar Powered Stirling Engine”

  1. Quite amazing ! Maybe i can ask for a special vidéo : Stirling engine made from recycled materials 🙂 ? and Just for my personal knowledge: What is the power of this solar engine ?

  2. Good work. Have you thought about flipping the cold side away from the heat source and adding a divider to keep the heat away? This would increase the differential temp and efficiency.

  3. what exactly you demonstrated by spending hundred work hours to mod a stirling that was already able to use solar if ever you selected lens from an optical telescope

  4. Great project. Maybe you could make a dual engine by adding another Stirling engine? Making the lens heat up both engines efficiently would be a challenge though.

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