Solar Power On A Budget

Solar Power On A Budget

My simple ad hoc/hybrid solar power system, assembled on a budget over time. Reliable and easy to maintain.

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  1. To me, off gridders make no sense. You guys purposely give up modern convieniences that we are all so blessed to have. Just to live the lifestyle of some third world country. Why? Why? Why?

  2. Muy bueno. I like the way you explain your sistem. I will be looking for more videos. I live in Puerto Rico and here we got sun. Thank you. (I don't even need the subtitles).

  3. The solar light lооkѕ so рrеttу thаt еvеn whеn thе роwеr iѕ on I wоuld turn оff the lightѕ аnd have a rоmаntiс dinnеr with mу huѕbаnd uѕing the light аѕ a tаblе centerpiece.

  4. A good video. When I was in the Army, they had a saying or a acronym –KISS — which stood for keep it simple stupid. so i do that with my solar stuff. cheers !

  5. Thanks for the amazing video, am watching the video here in Malawi ,where load shading its serious problem ,help us promoting the use renewable energy in Malawi ….

  6. Finally a clear video.
    The other solar video's people make have started to really piss me off. Because it's mostly about showing off their system. Like some teenager showing off a sports car. They're poisoning the well and putting people off solar when we need more people to use it.

  7. you are amazing! down to earth, no frills, honest, sincere and totally refreshing in the way you present yourself and your solar experience and knowledge. thank you for sharing your down to earth achievements! I did subscribe and thumbs up with a bell!

  8. love your sisteme i ave oune in quebec whit golf cart bat and it work great i ave oune wind generator and 250watt of solar and it powers my light in permanance and a inverter fort my pellet stove in case of a power shut down but some time i use it for lowering down my power billwhit other aplyance but i intend to get more solar in the future tanks for sharing your video

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