Solar Power Battery Bank | QCY Solar Phone Charger | Review

Solar Power Battery Bank | QCY Solar Phone Charger | Review


Solar power bank battery pack and charger for USB devices such as phones/tablets/cameras etc.

1. ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY&WIDELY COMPATIBLE: 15000 mAh, suitable for most of digital equipment such as iPhone, iPad, android phone, other smart phones, tablet, camera, PSP etc
2. Dual OUTPUTs: provide power to 2 devices simultaneously,2 A USB port for iPad/Tablets, 1A USB ports for iPhone, android phone and other smart phones or other electronic devices
3. AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION: This product has a automatic identification system to provide excellent charging service
4. FAST SPEED&SAFE: charging your device at high speed,built-in multiple intelligent security protections to avoid over-current, over-voltage, over-load and short circuit, etc
5. STYLISH APPEARANCE: Fashionable and eye-catching design,4 integrated LED indicators to show power status


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15 Comments on “Solar Power Battery Bank | QCY Solar Phone Charger | Review”

  1. Thanks for this review. My dad had it and I took it off him lol. Couldn’t find many other review although I didn’t look much. Thanks for the information! 🙂

  2. 2-1/2 hours to charge the phone? from the battery bank? I could see if it was that long on the solar alone….

  3. lol dude you try opening that up its more fake banks from China that same bank comes in so many makes all have any batt inside it mine says its 20000mah its not its 8000mah inside

  4. I recently purchased the exact same power bang. How do you put the LED flash light on the power bang

  5. hi! did anybody try to charge it successfully? Either i don't know how to use it or the solar panel doesn't work. Tried charging in the hot sun here in Singapore these 2 days but the remaining power is all drained off by itself instead of charging! Argh!

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