Solar Power: 100% Off Grid System

Solar Power: 100% Off Grid System

This is our system, we live in Northern Alberta 100% off grid. If you have any questions about our system or solar power in general please comment below and we will be happy to answer for you.

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  1. Stunning. Way out of my league. I'm needing some 75 watthours per day (0.075kwh per day). Chiefly to feed my laptop (directly DC) and my internet-rooter (directly DC). Only if need be I switch on a (compered to yours) tiny inverter to run the printer, the fax machine, soldering iron or the power drill or something. Since I do not have (or use) neither fridge, illumination (except some candles and a headlamp) nor laundry machine nor nothing I just do not need that much electricity! Just 2 solar panels and some 300 amperehours worth of batteries does do the trick for me. No charge-controller. No nothing. My multimeter does do. If the batteries ever got full I would just cover the solar panels and/or disconnect them If there is low voltage then the laptop just goes out like that.. Of course I must not let that happen because of possible data-losses. But it dit happen several times already and the laptop survived it unscratched.

  2. I find it so cool and amazing what these people are doing living off-grid like that.. I don't think it would be too hard to live efficient electrically you would just need a small monitor to watch TV…low wattage LED lighting..laptop..and cell phone charging…small efficient modern refrigerator…

  3. Excellent Stuff – BIG Thank you .. I am retiring to our land in Northeastern Thailand, I need to understand how to use Solar equipment – you are one of my first steps, a good one, Thanks … Bob & Fon

  4. Forgive me if this is a bad idea but it seems to me that if you could space the panels out a bit and add reflectors to the 4 sides of each panel, especially in the winter, you could collect more energy and maybe even run at full capacity in the winter. I haven't done my system yet but that's what I plan to do with both the PV and solar water. Or at least add reflectors to the 4 sides with them grouped the way you have.

  5. I'm very interested in your generator. I thought wakesha only made huge co-gen's. what is your's rated at and a model number would help me get started. I noticed your panels are on fixed mounts….maybe if on trackers you can harvest more and run the wakesha less…?

  6. nice video thanks for the info. I live in the Caribbean where I get a lot of sun. Please Sub to my channel for solar videos

  7. Hi, I live on an island where the sun shines almost 365 days a year. My question is would I need such a giant of a generator as you guys have?

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