Solar home lighting system with AC,motor,washing machine

Solar home lighting system with AC,motor,washing machine

Total house is running on solar system.heavy load equipment run simultaneously and lighter load equipment as per requirement.

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  1. In Gujarat you have good Wind. Combine wind turbine with solar. Here in costal Karnataka and near Pune we don't get good wind velocity so have to rely on solar. Superb

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  3. total energy = solar panel 300 *4=1200watts RS=45000/ battery 150 Ah*4=48000/ pcu 3.5kv=13000/wired (optional)=4500/ Total=110500

  4. 1.5ton ac के लिए कितने सोलर पैनल लगेंगे और उनकी price कितना होगी pls हेल्प बताये

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