Solar Crypto Mining Version 2.0 Battery Hashing on solar! [2018]

Solar Crypto Mining Version 2.0   Battery Hashing on solar! [2018]

This is my version 2.0 of my DC to DC solar miner – putting two R9 290x video cards on this rig failed and the DC to DC converter is the fault I believe – so at the moment it’s only hashing on one card till I can put two more modern cards that use less power in. But loving this little side project to make the very most of my diypowerwall project!

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10 Comments on “Solar Crypto Mining Version 2.0 Battery Hashing on solar! [2018]”

  1. Input – 5.75A @ 53.62V = 308.32W, Output – 21.8A @ 12.3V = 268.14W, Efficiency is 268.14 / 308.32 = 86.96% efficient

  2. Since you are going to experiment more. You should put together a "power block" of sorts. So you wouldn't have to disassemble and reassemble the screws on to the DC to DC converter and ruin the screw blocks. Google "screw electrical block" and you'll see what I mean. Of course you'll have to adjust for sizing.

  3. Could be that the DC converter is quoting a peak power output but it cannot sustain it. Or if it is sustained power the rig is drawing peak higher than 750W when they start?

  4. CUMON Pete, u know very well the chinese r fulla shit with they're specifications, I have to constantly fight with them to stop doing false advertising, and at the end of the day they loose money not me. WHEN u buy another PSU make sure u get the one with 13.8v output and atleast 20amps and try that with 1 card and use a shunt on the output with a meter. BTW i had this same idea building a mining rig like that, but I cant say itt was my idea cos u beat me to it ya basted. Also the reason I came up with it cos I hate inversion power loss. I will continue to add dc appliances to my battery bank and take out the ac side. I got this coming "322743829693" and "332577311642" ebay items to do my testing with. The Extra voltage should give the cards a FULL 12volts @ full AMPS. 🙂

  5. you probably need much better load regulation, aka the 12v is probably very noisy, and the cards are sensitive to that so maybe adding a decent low ESR capacitor bank on the output, use solid capacitors (not electrolytic) im sure 3x 220uF or 2x 470uF in parallel per card should do it wonders. SCOPE IT!!

  6. What about running secondary wiring off the batteries directly evenly across the battery bank, that supplies ~12v to a capacitor or some sort of electrical components to stabilize the voltage at 12.0v, then run it that way instead of trying to DC to DC convert….. Im very interested in this idea, i have been toying around with the idea of adding solar to my GPU mining farm if the profit stays good, lately its been in the slumps, so your $1.20 is actually on par

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