Solar Battery Maintenance

Solar Battery Maintenance

Solar Battery Maintenance is VERY important for the life of your battery. We are always learning and eager to find out more to improve our batteries life and performance.. Check your water level a couple times during the year, check the specific gravity, and remember to fully charge them during cloudy days and equalize them.

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  1. So how do the solar panels connect with those things next to the batteries? Is it wired, wireless? Any info is highly appreciated

  2. It doesn't make any sense to me that the angle doesn't matter. It's very easy to see that the sun is noticeably lower in the Winter, in the Summer the sun clears the roof of my house at 13:00 in the Winter it doesn't get high enough to clear the ridge of the roof. Being on a mountain you must see that too.

  3. Is there a specific purpose for that giant sized boulder on that top shelf? Does it serve some kind of purpose …like helping to disperse the fumes or something? Or is it just for looks, etc…? Just trying to figure out if you know something that I SHOULD about using big stones there? I know it sounds funny, but hey…you just never know anymore these days. LOL.

  4. Distilled water every month, and equalization every month. Then you need to look at getting a desulfator for your battery bank would be a great idea. "Battery Plus"

  5. Can you use RO/DI water to top up? I am in the process of designing our off grid system. We are doing a 10K system and are thinking of putting the batteries under a false floor. Any thoughts?

  6. It seems you have 6V battery. In high percentage of lead acid battery failure were high resistance. So how to use a perfect charger which can remove PbSO4 in crystal seems the best way in maintenance.

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  8. You definitely need more panels. Specially sense your issue is little light available. More panels will let you fill banks more even in cloudy conditions.

  9. Just a note: Many appliances that do not have a transformer readily accept 100 – 230vDC. I have ran my laptop & desktop off of 100vDC for over 6 years and they run slightly cooler because it is less for the power supply to do, since it gets turned into DC internally anyway.

  10. Hello:
    First, thanks for sharing all you do…!
    I watched one of your vids in which you claim and show that clouds/fog does not interfere with solar output.
    Then I just watched another vid where you quote your husband with say "it doesn't matter how many solar panels you have, if it's cloudy, they won't put out any juice."
    You even show this on your control panels.
    Now I'm confused. Which is it…?
    Help please…?

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