Solar Battery Maintenance Made Easy

Solar Battery Maintenance Made Easy

How to properly maintain flooded lead acid batteries for long life. My first battery bank is about 4.5 years old and going on strong, it has about 100 cycles at no more than 50% discharge. The second battery bank is a bit over 3 years old and has about 50 discharge cycles also. Both are going strong because I have ensured that the plates are always covered with distilled water and thus ensure battery life. The other piece of advice is to run an equalize charge (sometimes referred as absorb) at least quarterly but monthly is preferred. And lastly, you will want to remove all the cables and clean the terminals and cables and use corrosion preventative compound on them to avoid corrosion.

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  1. Your wire gauge looks small. What size are you using. Do you find it limits your amp output? I am in the process of building a 10K system for my offgrid homestead.and just trying to decide on the gauge I should use


  3. Curious to know why you are not using a battery box? Doesn't the charging process create hydrogen gas? I ask since I'm looking to put a solar bank together and not sure how important this is. Looking to charge 8 six volt batteries. Appreciate any help or advice.

  4. Great video! Can you please tell me what you have in your complete solar power system and the total cost for everything? Did you do the complete installation yourself or was it professionally completed? Is yours a complete off grid system or a grid tie in system? Thanks a lot for this video! 🙂

  5. do you have a desulfator on your batteries if not how many would you have to have to use on your batteries at one time in order for it to do it's job?

  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us. Your battery bank array and the age of your battery bank clearly shows us that you have a proven track record of success and know what you are doing. I enjoy researching renewable solar power systems and gravitate to people that have success and also their failures and apply best practices to my own humble and small emergency solar power backup system so that I can grow that. I also noticed you have a shut off switch on your battery bank. Excellent and your batteries are well ventilated and can be easily accessible for servicing, what size battery terminals do you use and find work best for your bank? Did you make your own or did you purchase the cables? Each battery appears to be the same type and I am certain are the same age. Correct? If not what is your thought on buying a newer battery and adding it to an existing older battery bank array? Have you considered placing your batteries on trays with baking soda?

  7. When measuring the specific gravity, should you flush the hydrometer with distilled water before measuring the the next battery, or battery cell ?

  8. Hi Al. I just bought 4 of the interstate 6 v 232 ah batteries making up a 12v bank like u have.
    Can you tell me what charging voltages you use for them? Right now I have them to be dumped at 13.5 to a gti for wind power. I'm getting ready to tie in a Tristar 45a CC so I was wondering what your settings were since they have lasted a good while for you.

  9. Thanks for the video.  I'm building a battery bank for a sailboat that is going to be charged with wind and solar.  Seeing your setup gave me good ideas.

  10. Hey Al thanks for sharing through your video. I have a Rolls Surrette 48 volts Battery Bank of 24 units. I noticed every time my water level gets low i will experience maximum output from my Batteries Bank, Basically, I didn't have to go on the grid for electricity but when i fill my batteries with deironized water i noticed my system will start to draw current from the Grid. any suggestion to avert this from happening? 

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