Solar battery charger Well more of a maintainer LOL

Solar battery charger  Well  more of a maintainer LOL

The need of small trailer tires led me to Harbor Freight. There I saw this little solar panel and figured, “what the heck”

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  1. See what happens when you cover the solar panel (simulating no or low sunshine) for a few days. Does the battery discharge?

  2. Blinking blue LED causes it to trickle charge from say 3v to 13v ish rapidly and I mean rapidly fluxing to the point of uselessness. Cut the one of Legs on the Blue LED. You now unlocked the panel to a full 22.5 Voc ( open voltage). Charge a 12.2 v battery to 12.7 in tw0 days full sun. Since the panel drop down voltage under load 13.2 to 14 V and has ultra low amps it will not over charge your battery. Wire in a diode and on off switch to kill power before turning the car on and blowing up the panel. Cannot be connected while alternator is on. TOO many amps and will cook your panel as it has No over load protection built in. Hope this info helps everyone out there. Get the most power out of this craptacular built Mini Micro Trickle charger =)

  3. Sometimes a man has to break down and go into a Harbor Freight. I did it when I was in FL but up here in TN there is nothing around. I actually miss it sometimes. Anyway, good idea and hopefully you'll get a lot of use from the tender.

  4. With all the intense sun you get it seems it should do the job.. Best wishes for the next vid 🙂

  5. I have used these for years had have found them to be a good investment for use on my tractor and remote start generator batteries. I have glued some small neodymium to the back side ant they stay in place nicely.

  6. There must be one factory making those for multiple companies.  I have two from two different companies and they are identical.  I got mine at Fry's in Texas.

  7. Hope that that little panel works well for you…. you never know till you try it. That would be great to throw on the garden tractor if it works well.
    I have some things from Harbor Freight that has worked great for years, and others that has lasted days… it is a roll of the dice.
    Take care

  8. Hopefully your HF solar panel will do what you want it to. I think we all know it is a place to get inexpensive one time use stuff. I just bought a come-along rated for 8000lbs for a one time job…pulling a 8×10 building up onto a trailer. What a waste that was, bound up several times, broke spool, etc. I'm going to take it back and see if I can at least get credit to buy something else.

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