Solar And Wind OutBack Power EnergyCell 200 GH AGM’s Battery Bank Update BY KVUSMC

Solar And Wind OutBack Power EnergyCell  200 GH AGM's Battery Bank Update BY KVUSMC

This Is A Video Of My 4 New OutBack EnergyCell 200 GH AGM Batteries Which Is A 380 Amp Hour Battery Bank At 24 Volts My System Consists Of 2,690 Watts Of Kyocera Solar Panels And 2 WindMax 1000 Watt Wind Turbines At 24 Volt With An OutBack Power GVFX 3524 Inverter And 2 OutBack FlexMax 80 MPPT Charge Controllers And 1 MidNite KID MPPT Charge Controller !
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KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr

17 Comments on “Solar And Wind OutBack Power EnergyCell 200 GH AGM’s Battery Bank Update BY KVUSMC”

  1. That there's a nice setup.
    Mine is a lot simpler, as I am not on the power grid at all, but it gets the job done 🙂 .
    It sure is nice to NEVER have a power bill, or a power outage.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Do you vent the room where you keep the batteries?

    My "normal" electric bill is around $50 per month (for 3 months only) during the summer (Run the window A/C unit) & averages around $30 the rest of the year. My home is only 1,000 sq feet and I live a frugal life. However, I don't like being dependent upon the electrical grid. It seems that every time a flea farts in Boneo the power goes off & if I'm home I have to fire up the generator to keep my food from spoiling.

    I see you have Dominion Virginia power? So do I. Where in Virginia do you live, because I'd love to see your set up?

    Shal'aam Aleichem

    P.S., how much did the entire set up cost you in equipment and time to install?

  3. Once solar gets popular, the power companies would lobby to restrict it from spreading.

    $20/month electric bill. That is pretty darn good. And this setup can last for 25+ years. I don't know how long the batteries last though.

  4. Is this in Two Sun, Arizona, because the solar cells point in different directions. I know, terrible pun, but is is early and I haven't had my coffee.

  5. Was the SOLAR providing all the ENERGY requirements and charging? why are th WIND GENERATORS shut down? Just asking?

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