Solar And Wind Home Power 2 kWh Power Bill January 2018

Solar And Wind Home Power  2 kWh Power Bill January 2018

This Is A Video Of My 4 New OutBack EnergyCell 200 GH AGM Batteries Which Is A 380 Amp Hour Battery Bank At 24 Volts My System Consists Of 2,690 Watts Of Kyocera Solar Panels And 2 WindMax 1000 Watt Wind Turbines At 24 Volt With An OutBack Power GVFX 3524 Inverter And 2 OutBack FlexMax 80 MPPT Charge Controllers And 1 MidNite KID MPPT Charge Controller ! And My Power Bill For January Of 2018 “( 2 kWh) Usage” Also New Conditioned Crawlspace And New Carrier Performance 15 Series 16 SEER Heat Pump !!
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KVUSMC / Kenneth W Viar Jr

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  1. I am looking for details about your product place lave message. When I post this , I am looking for more information on this.

  2. Nice video I have a 5 solar panel and sky max turbine but I never see any power coming out from that turbine

  3. Beautiful system

    It is good that you have chosen for a 24-volt battery system.

    Suggestion use home roof panels with a high voltage 48 volt 96 cell panels. I see that you have also good powerful MPPT charge controllers.

    I have here 6x 260w 96 cell 48 volt home roof panels with a EPSolar ETracer 6415BND charge controller for the storage i have 12 Trojan T105 3 banks of 24 volt.

    For AC power.

    1x Victron 24/800W 230V 50 Hz inverter for daily use 1x Victron 24/3000W 230V 50 Hz inverter for the heavy loads as a Washing machine, electrical tools.

  4. Kudos Devil Dog for the great vid. Happy belated birthday (10 Nov. Marine Corps birthday, for those who don't know).
    I love your setup. I am just beginning to get into solar, ( my panels will be here tomorrow).
    I am actively researching all the other components. I am very mechanically inclined, so I will do all the install. I am also trying to run a small farm, so my time is precious and finite.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could steer me to some all inclusive resources that would give me all the info needed to purchase the right equipment and install them.
    I will begin watching your other vids.
    Thanks in advance, fellow Devil Dog.
    Semper Fi and God Bless brother.

  5. So you paid 17 cents for 2 kw of power. Firstly, that's pretty sweet prices. I'm from Canada and my last bill was around 40 dollars. I live in an apartment with a stove some lights and a computer… that's it.
    Anyway, what I'm reading here is this. Please correct me. Last year, assuming your connection fee was the same, you would have paid around 1.55? You saved about 1.30… is my understanding wrong? It hardly seems worth it if that's right. I'm guessing I'm wrong, so I missed something.

    I love solar and wind. I do sailing where solar and wind are my best friends so I love watching this stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

    It seems less than the Alberta guy was paying but it's still the same issue. The real robbery is simply having a connection to the grid. Can you get rid of that? Would you get rid of that? You seem pretty close to being able to. If Chesterfield is the same one I lived near when I lived down south, it must get pretty warm there. I'd be curious to see how you stack up to a hot July month. Do you do this on a monthly basis? I'll be sure to check back. Thanks again I love this stuff.

    Oh, I read some of the other comments now. Do you charge back to the grid?

  6. I admire what you have accomplished. I would also like to go this route. But here in Alberta, Canada I live in a house in a mid sized city. My power bill for the month of July, 2016 was $28 BUT with the Transmission,Distribution,Administration, Rate Riders, and the Local Access fee paid to the City it then comes to a grand total of $177. Even if I shut every breaker off in the house I would still have to pay approx $140 a month just have a power meter. Now you know why many local governments want to make it illegal top go Off Grid. They would lose Millions of dollars paid to them for just having a power meter attached to your home even if you lived in the dark. Live Free my Friend.

  7. if me i wont use battery for storage, i will use the grid as my storage. in the day the extras will be fed to the grid so my meter going reverse, in the night i take power back from the grid so my meter moving forward.

  8. Where do one start to get all the equipment from?Ā  I see a lot of instruments, how do one start even with a basic system?

  9. The initial investment of 10 to 25 grand is a lot of money for me.Ā  How long do you think it will take to get your pay-backĀ for all the designĀ planning, installation and material cost?

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