Solar 48 volt Off Grid / Hybrid System. Installing a New Battery Bank

Solar 48 volt Off Grid / Hybrid System. Installing a New Battery Bank

My Three most used sayings are.
1) A house roof looks unfinished until it has solar panels on it.
2) A man is not looking after his family until he is producing his own power.
3) Solar systems can be kind of pricey at first. Having power when no one else does, PRICELESS

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This is my Hobby. It just happens to power my house.
I also Design and build systems That work.

20 Comments on “Solar 48 volt Off Grid / Hybrid System. Installing a New Battery Bank”

  1. That's what we'd call a Mc Daddy setup mate ! Nice job. thanks for sharing, you did a hell of a good job. Have you posted over all cost and labor time involved ? I realize they pay themselves off…most often in around 4-6 years. Have you done any calculations yet ?

  2. balancing of voltage only gonna work for row of cell , it will only balance different row of cells . and voltage of individual cell can be different as time goes on . i am not a expert but i think it would be very easy if you use a battery as a two volt 1000ah cell as now they are not connected nd voltage can differ with each cell of the same battery nd total voltage will be same

  3. Nice, I'm an electrician, we disconnected some newish, large ups backup systems. We were meant to take the batteries the following day and I was looking forward to putting together something like this. But the demolition crew on night shift took them for scrap! There was 40x120ah and 40 x 55ah Deep cycle batteries 🙁

  4. Wow, that is nice bank.
    How much is your dayly draw and how much your panels can produce dayly? About approximately (or average)?

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