Should you buy batteries with your solar PV system?

Should you buy batteries with your solar PV system?

Should you buy batteries with a solar PV system?

Short answer: In 2018? No.

Controversial opinion! But we explain why we think you shouldn’t in this material.

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  1. So here is a point you didn't address. Here in US if the grid is down we have no power unless we have battery back up. So if there is an emergency your way does me no good.

  2. if you are in an area where you have net metering and high rates isn't it much cheaper to take advantage of the net metering for now? the cost per kwh from a battery to fill in the gaps doesn't make sense if you can store and use ur in credits.

  3. I agree with all points you made about battery storage. I have designed a complete solar house energy system that is based on PV panels plus large thermal mass storage and small lithium battery (ideally LiFePO4).
    You can check my last youtube video to see the solution that is competitive with natural gas and grid electricity.

  4. Look people… As a guy who does solar PV into battery storage daily, I say this guy has his head up his fossil fueled butt. Smart people know better. So beware of this video.

  5. Hi Finn, Sorry to make such a predictable request but could you do an update please reflecting the apparent doubling of capacity with the Powerwall 2? Equally predictably, what are you thoughts on the Tesla Solar Roof? I'm curious about how they connect electrically for example and how their power performance compares to the equivalent area of typical solar panels, do they have little built-in micro-inverters etc.?

  6. This is an excellent series of videos. I was looking for a way to get up to speed quickly with 'solar' and I think you strike a really good balance between detail and the length of each segment. I have a technical (IT and engineering) background and the videos don't feel dumbed down.
    I think you're right about the Tesla Powerwall at least, though it would be interesting to see how factors weight up with DIY packs from lead acid for example. I just like to think the Powerwall is going to do for renewables what the Model S did for electric cars – make this stuff sexy and therefore likely to get into the mainstream mentality.
    In a similar vein, have you encountered 'heat batteries'? Be intersting to see what you think.

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