Save Energy: Hack Yourself A Watt Meter!

Save Energy: Hack Yourself A Watt Meter!

Ever wonder how much electricity your XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, gaming PC, refrigerator, or window mounted AC unit is pulling? Is that cell phone charger sucking Amperage even when your phone isn’t plugged in? Build a DIY Watt meter and find out for sure!

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  1. I could now leave expensive high power bills. This generating power technique “boma fetching unique” (Google it) can help you create your own power and save a ton of money. With some simple tricks and minor adjustments to the way you operate your appliances, you could drive your energy costs down.

  2. say in a home, a fan is using 40W, a light 50W, a tv using 150W, a refrigerator 1250W. the total load of this house is 1490W. Now i just want to disconnect minimum 80W load or more out of total 1490W . For this reason i need to disconnect a fan and a light. so a system or device that can sense each loads power consumption and then disconnect required loads to meet the condition of load reduction. how can i make such a device?

  3. Why do people allow to be abused by the electric and gas companies allowing them to charge anything they want for a delivery charge.
    my electrical bills delivery charge is 4 times the amount of actual electricity I use.
    And has is 5 times the amount I actually use.
    In 1 mon of gas & heat usage I used 33 therms.
    Then the gas company charged me $63 dollars just in delivery charge alone, then another $30 dollars on another delivery charge in the same month.
    Why do we allow this to happen..??
    Why is NOBODY doing anything about this ??

    I completely turned off my heater in the winter now, my apartment is 30°F and many times colder.
    I also dont cook anymore food on the stove and just buy cold cuts and bread
    And other foods that dont need cooking. And I dont use hot water anymore.
    I also dont have anything plugged in using electricity accept my computer.
    The rest of the house is blacked out. I use a flashlight and candles.
    And Electric company STILL charges me a delivery charge for absolutely nothing, which will also force me to pack up my computer and turn off ALL Breakers in the breaker box. Which will also force me to cancel my Internet and TV services. – Since the electric & gas companies are ripping me off.
    And it will come to a point where I will be forced to move and put my stuff in storage and live in a van.

  4. Also… The voltage variation is probably caused by the time rather then the location of the measurement. The incoming supply voltage varies considerably depending on the loading and the number of power plants in operation at any particular time.

  5. Also the power factor discussion is only academic as UK power companies charge us for voltxamps (rather than wattage) because they want to keep the power factor as close to 1 as possible. (Their losses depend on the current and not on the current times pf).

  6. Safer to hack into the neutral line. The same current flows there and (if the mains is wired correctly) it's much less likely to give you a shock.

  7. HI can you two show me how to wire a pzem-051 watt meter to monitor a wind turbines output, please !!! want to monitor watts, amps, volts, can you please help !!!ED.

  8. now do it with one of those current sensing modules, and a tinyduino or RPi, cool build…dangerous as heck but cool none the less

  9. Please don't use this Watt Meter on a microwave. The fuse will explode in the meter. If you got some cheap meter, then say goodbye to your hand if you happen to hold it.

  10. Go back to maths class guys

    120/50 does not equal .4

    P=V*I ~~ 50=120*I

    Rearranging results in…

    50/120=.414 (or so)

  11. There is no neutral in a 2 wire circuit. But I won't doc you marks for that 😛
    It's called the "identified". By definition the ground wire is more of a "neutral" then the identified. 
    Knowing what youre using won't save it. But a capacitor bank might if you pf is bad enough.

  12. It's cheaper to get a Kill a watt and measure that way. They don't lose value.I will measure all my shit around the house and then sell it back on ebay.

  13. Most multimeters that have a high enough amperage rating are going to cost as much or more than the watt meter that you plug in   

  14. oh my god, these retards. measuring AC current doesn't tell you shit. you see, your multimeter measures this thing called apparent current, which has fuck all to do with real current. if you hook up a capactior or an inductor to the outlet, the multimeter will show a current flowing, but the power meter on your house won't move at all.

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