Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs

Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs

Short review of some basic cheap Chinese PWM solar charge controllers.

20 Comments on “Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs”

  1. At 12:10 you talk about the different charging voltages for flooded vs agm vs sealed vrla batteries. Can you tell me exactly what value to set for a 12 volt 7 ah vrla battery intended for cycle use. My battery recommendations are 13.5 – 13.8 volts for standby use and 14.2 – 14.5 volts for cycle use.

  2. Dont buy it! I was trying to use it for 30Ah battery with one 100watt panel – it BOILS the battery – NO OVERCHARGE PROTECTION!
    (blue one with USB)

  3. Sir
    I connect 12 volts 40 w solar panel with 12 v 14 ah battery
    My solar panel led is still blinking. Why sir.
    What is the meaning of overvoltage?

  4. Have you tested the float charge capability with the 3rd one you demonstrated? Does it float at the voltage you set very well? Thanks

  5. Does it have overcharge protection? Like stop charging the battery when the battery is full and charge the battery when it is not full?

  6. Is this a common ground or common positive controller?
    This gets to be important if the controller is installed in a camper.
    Common ground means that the negative side of all the attachments (solar, battery, load) are all connected together internally. All the switching should be done on the positive side.
    Anyone know?

  7. Dear Vuaeco,

    that blue Controler, if the Sun aint shining, the "Solar – Panel " Symbol will disappear. Am i right ? Also does the Blue controler work with a 12V solar Panel ?

  8. Good job thanks! I'm using this for 24 v panels, so this controller works well for controlling it

  9. good job bro.

    but if want charging current per hour 240A what i have to do? because controller rated current 30 A.

  10. Thanks for this video. I just got an Allpowers controller like the 3rd one in your video. I am new to all this and I really appreciate the information you have provided.

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