Portable solar battery charger, 200 watt on a wagon. Great backup.

Portable solar battery charger, 200 watt on a wagon. Great backup.

A must have for when it hits the fan or a natural disaster. Mounted on a wagon so you only use it in a emergency to run your washing machine, TV, radio, ham radio, cell phone or power tools.

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  1. Mark, can you use 'partitioned' circuits for that?
    I mean, I plan on starting just for lighting my house (LED of course) and after that I plan on doing for some few machines like TV, PC, videogames, something like that. Can I use more than one inverter? Upgrading panels, batteries of course, but can I segment things on that kind of project? A less powerful inverter just for the lights and a powerful one as you mention here, 3000W for something more energy consuming.

  2. Nice design! If you have a John Deere or similar wagon you can mount two, 260 Watt panels on it and make them portable. They are easy to remove or wheel around, putting them in the garage to protect from theft, hail, wind, etc. and rotate towards the sun.

  3. Hi Mark,  I need some advice on wiring and the specific names of the cables to use. I have the MC4 wire to connect from the solar panel to the charge controller. What kind of cable connects the charge controller to the battery? Is there a place online where I could purchase the wires?  Thanks for your help!

  4. I agree, great idea!  I always enjoy your videos.  Is this the neighbor with the supervising Labrador?  🙂

  5. My house is also fully powered by only 2 solar panels each 150W . Power stored in a common car battery of 60W. All devices the lights are 5V Leds the phones the modem and Laptops…all take 100W/H at the Max. Bless

  6. Great idea, however you will be 3 x better if you use 3 group 31 Deep cycle batteries. I use them they have 215 amp hours  x 3 = 645. Amp hours is what makes the longevity . If I have a light that takes 10 amps per hour I should see over 600+ hours of light, 20 amp = 300+  100 amps 6+ hours.

  7. If you have time
    Could you do another short video listing all parts used.. Including wire size. This would be perfect for me.

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