Palm Springs WindMills

Palm Springs WindMills

1:56 of the power generating windmills just north of Palm Springs– some of these windmills are over 300feet tall

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  1. These are the older, smaller, denser models, but the ginormous newer ones are a visual wash, even though they're more widely spaced. If you think these are "green" and have convinced yourself that normal scenery is boring unless it's "beautified" by industrial towers, keep in mind that there are already 50,000 wind turbines in America and some people want to multiply that tenfold. Say goodbye to non-industrial scenery in any windy part of the country if that comes to pass. If you don't care, get a soul!

  2. Absolutely agree! But what about our sea mammals and everything else that lives in our oceans – have a heart!

  3. I used to live in Palm Desert, California, so your windmill video reminds me of Palm Desert! I drove on Fwy 10 so many times to see these power generating windmills! I always felt like finally entering Palm Springs when I passed them driving from west! Thank you for posting your video, and I enjoyed watching it! Have a Great Day:-)

  4. I've been passing through there on the way to Az for the last ten years and have watched them multiply. Those things line the landscape for miles now.

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