One UGLY TRUTH About Off Grid Solar Power

One UGLY TRUTH About Off Grid Solar Power

We’ve been living off grid with solar power for over a year now and while we are grateful to have the ability to turn sunshine into power, we want to share OUR reality of what having solar power has been like. This isn’t everyone’s experience, but it’s our experience since we’re trying to tip-toe into solar and trying to make do with what we have. All we really want to share is that with some systems, it’s a constant job to make sure things are running properly and when there’s a problem, it’s not always immediately obvious what the problem is.

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  1. haha silly is so easy to set an amazing system myself,, batteries n all hassle and full battries in winter 🙂

  2. So much incorrect information.  Go ahead and do your ‘document your journey’  stuff, but please stop trying to tell people the facts – cause you just don’t get it.  Lots of us have been living off grid for years and yet you know it all.

  3. You guy are great , I'm all about prefab off grid housing however I love seeing you work together.

  4. Why even have cold foods, why not have dry foods an use the snow for your freezer 😏🤣 jk pretty stubborn using all that power for cold food.

  5. Thought I had weighed in here before, but after watching again, I have to comment again.
    You should begin a video like this by apologizing for being SO wrong and remind the viewers about once a minute that, "in this case, I haggled this system together, trying to make a little do a lot…and instead of doing it right, I went cheap and piecemeal…with poor results.
    I have NEVER had to touch my setup…and it is going on four years now.
    Added battery water ONCE.
    That was it.
    I get 65 AMPS into my batt bank from 9AM to 4PM presently. (If needed.)
    We can run our entire home, except for the water pump and heat-A/C, on 1,000 watts of panel and a good sized batt bank.
    When done correctly, solar is one of the most trouble free things in the off-grid world.
    Virtually maintenance free goodness.
    This video really misleads people.

  6. Always use the best materials possible.
    Magnum MS-PAE inverters,
    Midnight Solar MPPT Charge controller,
    calculate your sunlight hours CONSERVATIVELY.
    Calculate the amount of power you need to collect CONSERVATIVELY.

    My API 240 panels still produce power on an overcast/cloudy day- but only about 30% of their rated power.

    Don't allow shadows to cover sections of your PV if you can help it! Just a LITTLE section of shadow can have a profound effect on efficiency. A single covered cell knocks out all the other cells in the series, so shadowed cells are bad!

  7. This is a nice review because it shows a good application on a remote place =) Thank you for this video.

  8. Cept you forget, industry standardization. If you understand this you can correctly make your purchases regardless of the brand or company.

  9. The obvious rather than ugly truth is that solar panels don't work when covered… who'd have thought it?
    And if you are really trying to save power, why use electric power for a freezer when there is a couple of foot of snow outside?

  10. Kudos for learning as you go…..even with discombobulated setup you are operating a "FREEZER", The "harsh reality of Solar" is that in the wrong climate zones it simply isn't a viable source of energy even if production could give you 75% for 1/2 a year….You still have to burn gasoline, burn wood and or burn propane/natural gas……

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