Off Grid Solar Power – How Many Batteries Do You Really Need?

Off Grid Solar Power - How Many Batteries Do You Really Need?

Off grid solar power – How many batteries do you really need?

Even though my main battery banks are 24V 630Ah and 24V 375Ah, I’ve just been running my house on these batteries for the last few weeks as a test.

With 1.5kW of solar panels hooked up, the batteries are at float by about 11am and get down to about 75-70% state of charge overnight.

During the evening I have an electric fan running, a 5W LED lamp, my chest fridge and the laptop and satellite modem going. Once I go to bed, the fan stays on, I have a phone charger for the tunes and my chest fridge runs all night.

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  1. How many batteries do you really need? My camp only has a car battery for refrigeration and hot water, wife even has a dishwasher with heated dry.

  2. G'day Sambo, another good video. Do you live near Berridale, as I get there from time to time, and would you mind showing me your system anytime soon? I am in the process of building my own off grid system for my old renovator, here in the Riverina, just south of Narrandera.

  3. My last electric bill here in the summer for my 1400 sq. ft. house was $145. I keep central A/C down to 68 at night. Is it worth it to invest in solar? If every month my electric was $145, that's $1700/yr. If I live here 5 to 7 years and move, is it worth the investment? How much would I save? 7 years would be no more than $12,000 in electric max. In the winter it can drop to $90/mo.

  4. Does anyone recommend a battery bank meter that could tell me a percentage of battery bank charge? I am installing a 48V system. Just bought 18, 330 watt panels so that will be close to 6000 watts of solar. Only going to power up 9 panels at first and then use 8 new global 6v golf cart batteries rated at 225ah each. Hook them in series for my 48V bank. I will go up to 24 batteries as money permits. I don't want to discharge them below 60%. The inverters cut off at low voltage but no one really knows the percentage left at that point. I will be running grid power for backup. I guess I could install a transfer switch that can switch back to grid with some sort of adjustable battery bank meter. Any ideas to automate this process?

  5. Great videos. But you've lost me a bit ! It would be nice if you could demonstrate in a video how the switchboard circuit breakers connect to the controller, the busbar, battery banks and inverter. What function do these components play. Thanks.

  6. you are full of good info Pop. that's a great head's up re measuring power usage by what goes into the batteries rather than downstream from inverter. thanks again.

  7. Here in 2017 solar should be way more consumer freindly, make it easy for a moron to use maybe somthing like your going to need 8 deep cycle batts for your 6 two hundred watt panels that will let you run all the shit including a/c howevet the hell long you want without the constent stress its multiples too complicated right now to do, wake me up when i can go by a kit that i can set up in 5 min and not worry no more for at least a yr or two.

  8. hmmm. Well, our off the grid place currently we use an available 5kwh bank. Our new self powered house will use 15 available kwh. This is 50% of what we consume.

    So… how many batteries do you need?

    Whatever you use in an evening before bed, and Am before sunrise. Plus cloudy days….

    Power consumption and off the grid living go hand in hand. The longer you off the grid (in our case 3 almost 4 full years) the more skilled you will become at operating your off grid power system and batteries.

    An average full sized house will need at LEAST 15 kwh of available energy. In our case, thats 12 – ROLLS S-550 batteries. But in our current home, before construction begins we use 4. And thats plenty.

    This comment is based on 4 years totally off the grid but living like were on the grid

  9. hi you help me off grid how many panel battery and amp or wat for one home run with 3 fridge pleas

  10. Greetings from the USA! I've been collecting parts for my solar system and am about ready to get a charge controller. I know MPPT is the way to go but I am looking for recommendations. I currently have 10 100 watt panels and 8-10 Harbor Freight style 15 watt panels, No batteries yet either. What type of wire are you using to connect your solar panels to the charge controller and how long are your runs? My ultimate goal is to run most of my house off the solar system and only use the utility for central air and heat. I live in Florida. I also have several Harbor Freight 800 watt generators to charge batteries on cloudy days. At some point once I get the system together, I'd like to create HHO or hydrogen gas from the solar panels to run a more powerful generator when I need more power than the panels can provide. Even if I run gas with HHO it should make it more economical than just gasoline or propane. Any ideas appreciated.

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