Off Grid Solar Power – DIY Cheap Battery Bank

Off Grid Solar Power - DIY Cheap Battery Bank

Off Grid Solar Power – DIY Cheap Battery Bank

Okay, they’re not REALLY solar batteries, but these four car batteries cost me a grand total of and are definitely fit for purpose. I use these to run a few LED lights and a 12V pressure pump to pump water from the rainwater tank to the house. The pump and the lights draw probably 10AH per week.

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9 Comments on “Off Grid Solar Power – DIY Cheap Battery Bank”

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  2. The conventional wisdom is always "don't use car batteries", but you always see people using them for years with no problems. My grandpa picks up every old (free) car battery he can get his hands on, he has a bank of about 15 old car batteries, he's been using them and a few solar panels to power his lights and tv for over a year. Batteries didn't cost him a penny.

    And here I sit with $700 in my 4 big AGMs. Think I got ripped off.

  3. Car batteries are designed to be charged at high currents and 13.8 Volts, trickle charging to maintain them is okay.
    Colour coded cable is preferred and insulated pole caps.

  4. I'm curious how long your car batteries lasted on your setup? I'm using two car batteries with a 125 watt solar setup to run about 20 watts of LED lights at night. They run 10 hours every night no problem. Everything I read says car batteries won't last use deep cycle. Well I say when you can get car batteries for cheap use them. I've used mine for 2 months on my setup and they still charge fine. One of them is 5 years old too. I don't let them go below 12 volts though. Just curious how long your batteries held up. Thanks

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