National Geographic Megastructures featuring Adani’s Solar Power Plant.

National Geographic Megastructures featuring Adani’s Solar Power Plant.

World’s largest single location solar power plant with a capacity of 648 MW of energy, having over 25 lakh solar modules installed and spread across 2500 acres of land.

Watch the full episode of National Geographic’s Megastructures to get a peek into how Adani makes use of this renewable source of energy at World’s largest Solar Power Plant at Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu.

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  1. India is totally a puzzled country at one end its as developed as any European country on other side they are areas as equal to sub-sahara livelihood but hatsoff to India for beating all odds marching ahead.

  2. If India can add 175GW of solar by 2022, there is no excuse for other countries. We could go 100% renewable in the UK quite easily. Just need to be able to store it for overnight use.

  3. Maybe Trump should watch this and see how the rest of the world is facing the challenge of climate change. His decision to dismantle environmental protections and attempt to restart the dying coal industry shows how out of touch he is with the realities of the modern world. India and China are showing the degenerate Western leadership how things should be done. As a frequent visitor to India I am full of admiration for their commitment to the future.

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