Most efficient Solar Cells and Panels in 2018

Most efficient Solar Cells and Panels in 2018

In this video the most efficient solar cells tested in the lab are listed as well as the most efficient panels available in the market.

The list includes all major PV technologies such as crystalline silicon, organic solar cells, Multi-junction solar cells, Cd Te, Ga As and Pervoskite etc.

It should be noted that NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) updates the well known efficiency chart for PV lab efficiencies every 6 months. The values listed here in are referenced from the NREL efficiency chart and from own research.

14 Comments on “Most efficient Solar Cells and Panels in 2018”

  1. What we really need is:

    Most cost effective solar system for a house providing an average of 1,000 kw-hr a month assuming Latitude 30 , mounted on a 30 deg slope roof with peak running east-west. (no rainy days to make it simple)

    Help us actually find what system to BUY.

    Chart it by areas in the nation (eventually for the whole world)… and let the average % of sunny days for any location determine if its worth putting up the panels.

  2. What does efficiency actually mean. is it the out put of the panel in watts divided the amount of power that the panel absorbs.
    be if Ihave a one square metre panel that will absorb say 1000 was the output was say only 100 w then that is 10% .
    Wa aliekum salaam

  3. Wrong siotec is number 1 at 46% conversion efficiency, and there is a professor kita takashi that has made a 62% efficiency solar panel

  4. Did we Americans assist in making this video! It appears we did as it has shit music and no educational narration and fails to describe the cost along with efficiency! This is a terrible format!

  5. in winter my Sun is the fireplace that burn in cabin.24/24 hours. Wil be nice see some thermoresit cell that make 100 watts electricity to battery from fireplace in cabin. I thing to put were is the glass doors.

  6. Should be titled, "Most hopelessly unrealistic efficiency which you will NEVER attain" as you have to have acrylic or glass over the cells etc etc etc.

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