Is Wind Energy Worth It?

Is Wind Energy Worth It?

Should we really be investing in wind?

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  1. You talked about the bird factor. Can you make a video to see if the stickers you put on windows to scare the birds aculyy work?

  2. To satisfy 100% of New York City's electricity needs with wind power would require impossible around-the-clock winds within a limited speed range, and a wind farm the size of the entire state of Connecticut. After billions of dollars wasted on solar subsidies, solar energy provides just a tiny insignificant fraction of United States electricity. Solar photovoltaic cells and windmills suffer from the incurable problems of intermittent and unreliable operation and LOW ENERGY DENSITY. Would you hire a drunken employee who only showed up for work part of the time, and on his own erratic schedule, not yours? On top of that, the sloppy drunk demands a far higher salary than do reliable workers. Wind and solar are fairy tale energy solutions for people who do not understand the real-world mathematics of energy production, and for those who wish to make money on a fad that should have died out years ago.

  3. great guys. keep moving.. do you guys have any contact detail more of a cell cell phone # kind of stuff. got lot of ????

  4. You posed some serious negatives of wind energy, but then gave a non-answer or spoke about something else right after.
    I think that if you evaluated wind energy in terms of its positive and negative impact on humans, not birds, you would reach a different conclusion. If the entire grid was wind and solar energy, it will cause mass human death and suffering with its current technological state. I was looking forward to hearing negative impacts of wind energy on humans, not birds.

  5. Solar (and wind) is in its death throes. It’s no secret that 112 solar energy companies in the United States and European Union have declared bankruptcy since 2009. Their doors have been closed and they have been acquired by competitors under less than optimal conditions. Add to that the fact that 213 oil companies have gone belly up and that nearly half of all U.S. coal is produced by companies that have declared bankruptcy. I can’t even find accurate figures showing the number of wind power companies that are now defunct.

    Not only that, but besides the birds, people who live and work near wind farms are suffering severe, debilitating health effects.

    It’s time for the traditional, unsustainable and outdated energy models to be put to bed and for a truly sustainable, renewable, and disruptive energy technology to emerge. It’s past time to pull the plug on the kiddy car ride approach that has been the renewable energy model thus far and bring forth the successor.

  6. did you just say we are running out of water? are you retarded? because apart from the incredibly small amount of water we have shot into space for astronauts to use there is pretty much the same amount of water on earth now as there was 4 billion years ago. maybe some slight variation in that amount due to hydorgen and oxygen atoms bonding/unbonding over time due to half life decay and what not but overall water is a pretty consistent substance.

  7. You are going to the number one con artist for advice on how to save money with wind generators. GE sells all kinds of electrical generating equipment, so any wind generator they sell you is DESIGNED to be expensive and inefficient. GE does not want to "piss in the soup" by selling a wind generator which would make their other electrical generation devices instantly obsolete. There are wind generators which cost much less, and are much more efficient, and do not need government subsidies to be workable in the real world. If it does not pay for itself, WITHOUT government subsidies, it is not financially realistic. Ask for output figures from private companies with these machines, and then get ready for a "song and dance". You will never get a good answer, or proof of efficiency.

  8. awful video, no insight really, for dummies, maybe the title should be eolic energy basics… worth it? there was no comparison or reference at all

  9. wind turbines do not pay for themselves and are a money making scam related to the global warming scam promoted by al gore and his to rich buddies to  steal US taxpayers dollars   GO PRESIDENT TRUMP BUILD THE WALL NOW!

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