Inside a Car Alternator Green Energy Generator Brush Reinsertion for wind turbine RPM

Inside a Car Alternator Green Energy Generator Brush Reinsertion for wind turbine RPM

Brush Reinsertion trick. Many people wonder why free car alternators off the shelf are not used for wind turbine electrical generation. The Windings are very thick wire limiting the amount of wire turns per coil around the stator. Car engines have a lot of torque and idle RPM. The pulley on car alternators are usually much smaller that the engine’s crankshaft pulley. This allows for much higher RPM in the alternator. Car alternators do not have permanent magnets in them. They use an electromagnet to produce the flux in the coils. They need to be energized or excited. Car alternators have a high level of cogging.

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  1. looks like that his haved find out what the alternator is 😀 The people that thinking that everyone around so stupid is shows the dramatical substance of the stuf between theyr years.

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  3. You need to either change your oil or adjust the lash on your cam followers. Lots of valvetrain clatter going on. Some is expected but yours sounds excessive.

  4. Dan I started watching your videos a long time ago, you've come a long way from the parabolic lenses, good job, I really would have loved to see you finish this alternator into a turbine regardless of the induction needed just for educational purposes.

  5. Hey Dan! Great video. You explained exactly what I wanted to know. I hope you have bought a new car. That one sounded so sad and sick. haha. Look forward to seeing more from you.

  6. hola amigo. es posible ponerle un alternador más a mi automovil con imanes de neidimio con la finalidad de alimentar una celda de electrolisis de agua para generar hidrógeno que el motor va a combustionar?

  7. hello, dan, like the way you explain things,,your a great teacher….also got a great help,wife…
    use more the words ,"thankyou", n "please" to public…help me??
    can you explain in a video how ?? the current flow in the alternator the on n off or low n high volts to regulate the magnetic
    of alternator that goes to the battery… in the mud with this problem ,,i burn my regulators in tests..i have done..
    help,,,,need $$$ let me know….thankyou,,lots…to you n yours…

  8. dan, would it be possible to build a wind turbine based on an alternator, and use a small brushed dc motor driven off an integral drive shaft to supply power to the field coils, thereby increasing load on the alternator as wind speed increased? second part of the question is how much current do the field coils require to energize fully?

  9. So to use a alternator as a wind turbine I would need a small solar panel to excite the alternator to get power back to the house? How many Watt panel would I need? I have some small 6"x6" panels for night motion lights

  10. I would like to see if the field could be used as an over speed control. As RPM increases the increased alternator output could be fed back to the field, increasing drag and slowing the RPM of the system. This would also allow generation at lower wind speeds by limiting field strength. It might be as simple as using a pot as a voltage divider to the field. I have never had a reason to check the field current on an alternator but it shouldn't be too high. You could not use the regular to the batteries as this would allow higher RPM's if battery voltage was low.

  11. As a matter of interest … car & truck alternators are designed to deliver a fixed wattage ( the rotor is designed to saturate, this automatically limiting the output current, the number of winding turns limit the maximum output voltage. The regulator just limits the output voltage to prevent the battery from overcharging.

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