How To Size Your Off Grid Battery Bank Capacity For Solar – Math Warning!

How To Size Your Off Grid Battery Bank Capacity For Solar - Math Warning!

Properly sizing a battery bank is like black magic. Very few people really understand how to do the math.

So how do I know how many batteries I need? There is a lot that goes into that so this video starts to answer that question with the first step: calculating the total capacity of the battery bank you will need.

In the future, we will get into choosing from different types of batteries to Tesla Powerwalls to how to get the most longevity out of your system. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. i have one 850va solar inverter with 160+160 solar pv panel.

    I can connected one more set same size solar inverter (same manufature) in barallel connection

    For increase the load capacity to single outlet

  2. Your a bit off your rocker……………  How much does that inverter draw in an average day…..just to run….. that's the main first question…… Inverters aren't regulated by Watt Hours… if you don't get this.. you haven't done enough time off the grid….. I live it.. I'm a trucker…. My inverter alone if it can power a microwave  even when being charged by a 260 amp alternator will drain four full sized deep cycle batteries in 12 Minutes, when running….. If you want to find out how much battery bank you need truly. Best to ask a trucker. We know, it's how we do things. If your moderately living.. like watching two hours of big screen TV a day…and powering your dvd player, or your Fun Boxes.. your going to need at least 16 deep cycle batteries.. with some HUGE HUGE HUGE solar power capabilities…. If your talking Freezers.. your getting up into the 5000 watt range.. with microwave.. with a stove… with a tv with a dvd player and any form of entertainment system.. best to just fire up your generator if your doing it all at once. If your talking a washer and dryer for those who live in snow country up north.. your talking you'd best invest in about 100 000 bux in solar panels.. and about 100 000 in batteries, to make sure you can power your home.. with todays prices…. stick with deep cycle batteries is my advice.. some men say GOLF CART batteries are the best.. 6 volt in parrellel with inter linking, in line .. to make 12 volt true deep cycle batteries, which are truly hard to find these days……….. man your sucking electricity like a normal house hold.. you'd best consider about 3 to 8, 5000 watt 10 000 peek inverters. If your a genius.. you'll figure out how to get past tesla's car with charging stations and hook up a few alternators to pully's off the drive shafts or circular wheel powered shafts hooked to under car alternators that have battery isolators to each few batteries off each alternator…. wind powered turbines to a few automotive alternators. could be a way around it as well.. but Tesla Engineers couldn't understand this??????.. something that totally surpassed Tesla's engineers with four turning wheels they could have attached multiple alternators too on their vehicles.. only to charge the public to charge 12 V batteries every so many miles via a credit card over an internet hook up… You RICH FK'RS WHO THINK YOUR SMART THAT DRIVE THESE THINGS ARE MORONS!!!!!. GENIUSES NOT!!!!!!!… If your real smart.. water power turning alternators on rivers.. or wind power turning alternators… or even a generator when all else fails turning alternators, would work….. AMAZING how automotive science is STILL ruling the world when it comes to morons…… 200 amp alternators can rock the average mans' world if set up with some knowledge…..pully's… water wheels… wind…..running off other rotary equipment your already powering.. like DRYER BELT FANS… WASHING MACHINE BELTS…all these things have endless capabilities.. and are already powered off of electricity.. and can essentially produce MORE electricity than it takes to power them in the first place.. just takes a genius or a man that isn't a moron to see it…. could I set up a whole house, in a matter of a few weeks to be completely self efficient with the help of a few junk yards and GOOD battery builders for deep cycle batteries and a few generator places for when all else fails.. YES….would take a matter of a week or two.. but this system here is off it's rocker….There isn't an inverter that stays on for hours that doesn't draw current.. this idiot should know that…..when he talks to the public about electricity for individual items.Half the electrical appliances in the average home have pully's that could turn alternators… it's just the government and the powers that be don't want you to produce your own electricity.. they penalize you if you try……They'll find a way to criminalize you… I assure you…… THEY NEED HYDRO ELECTRIC MONEY TO SURVIVE AS A GOVERNMENT. Best not to try to attempt it.. unless your ready for a revolutionary war… because they will come for you if you show others how to do it……. The world is kind of a nightmare that way…. Tesla, you should be ashamed! BASTARDS! Endless power is easily possible.. It just depends on how smart you are to get it… and how fast the government knocks you to the ground, for explaining it to people beyond what their formal education system teaches them……. TEACHERS are the OTHERS who should be ASHAMED…..Union Pricks who just care about their own paycheques when endless power is readily available.. and almost every electronics teacher knows it……

  3. Wind and solar energy are now safer, cleaner and cheaper than fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
    Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base load power.
    Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
    Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
     A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
    Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.
    Electric cars, electric trucks, electric lawn mowers, electric snow blowers, electric tools, no emissions.

  4. I'm starting to lean towards the theory that you should really only need enough battery storage to get you from sundown to sunup.

  5. Could you take this same example and go through the battery capacity and solar panels, ball park,  you would get for these numbers?

  6. One mistake is not to add the wattage of inverter. It also cost power to run it and sometimes it could be quite a bit of extra power to run all day.

  7. Hi
    Thanks for the information. Very interesting. I have an incubator of 170w , 230v , 50Hz. I want to use it for 28 days consecutively. Please can you calculate for me the solar panels, the batteries and controller should I use?
    I need your help please.

  8. Dude I am soooo glad I found this it helped me I am adding it to my watch later list so I keep thanks a lots got what I been looking for

  9. I calculated that for my home to use 100% battery use for a year, I'd have to fill every cubic foot of my home with lead acid batteries or I'd need two homes…one home to live in and another home to fill with lead acid batteries.

  10. I am going to purchase 250 watt poly 24 v and 24 v batteries, so Should I calculate amp hours using 12 volts or 24 volts?

  11. my problem is I have a 5 kW inverter. and a 200 ah 24v lead acid battery bank. for a off grid home. no solar yet. and have to run the generator every time I turn around. it sucks running the gen so much. trying to save funds to buy more batteries and panels. I am not picky about battery chemistry. I just bought what I could afford. great video

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