How to save energy / electricity for solar power

How to Solar Power Your Home / House #2 - How to save energy / electricity for solar power

How to make your home more energy efficient ready for solar power.
Solar geysers, heat pumps, efficient pool pumps, LED lighting…and more.

We look at energy / electricity consumption of a typical home and have a look at ways to save it. This helps to understand the solar power requirement / size the solar installation.

* LED / CFL lighting
* Energy efficient pool pump.
* LED / flat panel TV vs CRT TV
* Solar geyser vs heat pump vs electric geyser.
* How to calculate energy consumption kWh / kilowatt-hour
* Reduce your electricity bill and save money while getting ready for solar power.
* kill-o-watt meter
* Fluke 43b
* Energy Monitors
* Energy efficient appliances
* Energy star
* Power rating
* Duty cycle
* Sky light to save energy
* Zodiac Flo-Pro pool pump / variable speed pool pump
* tempering valve / thermostatic valve
* Geyser wise timer
* Florescent tube replacement / LED tubes for lighting
* Life style changes for eco living
* Energy audit

18 Comments on “How to save energy / electricity for solar power”

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  3. Here are producing power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it) to help your house be more energy efficient and cut utility bills for years to come. A small change like this would be able to help you save cash in the future. Whether you would like to save the world, or you are interested in ways to decrease your power bills.

  4. Hi Martin. Is it possible to get a basic schematic of your system. I would like to do something similar at my home but I want to ensure that I get something as close to yours as possible.

  5. omg.  lol.  I did this when I rewired my house…and that was 11 years ago and my house is still standing. 🙂 Now that I am gradually switching to solar and wind energy, I learn so much from your videos!  You should seriously be a Professor.  Young people should study this in high school and even elementary school.  Here in the US our government is crap, though. 🙁

  6. Here's the problem with estimating your usage for a system. It changes throughout your life.

    When the kids are young, vesus older, versus when they move out, versus when you are aged. Isn't there a way to "future proof" the system and make it modular?

  7. Is there a 220v equivalent to the Kill-A-Watt meter available on the market? I reside in the Philippines and we use 220v for residential power.

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