How to make Solar Mobile charger II very simple II

How to make Solar  Mobile charger II very simple II

Hi, in this video I am going to show How to make Solar Mobile charger. This is a small project for emergency or camping.

The materials I used – 5 volt 1w solar panel and a power bank charging circuit.

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  1. Fake video, all solar panels lose voltage when conmected to any electronic component, even if it is a simple capacitor it will drop voltatge, still you have to amplify current for the phone to work, this video is fake

  2. Can you please help me out with this :

    Solar mobile phone powered charging station
    This small device make use of a tiny three volt solar cell to charge a six volt battery set that will be possibly employed to charge different models of mobile phones and other handy gadgets. This solar powered charging station is designed so that devices can be charged outdoors and in an environmentally friendly way. This system converts solar energy to electricity and stores it in a battery bank. A microcontroller prevents the batteries from being overcharged and prevents the system from being used when the batteries need charging.
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