How to install solar panels at home?

How to install solar panels at home?

Here are simple steps to install solar panels.

1. The direction of Solar panels should always be facing towards Equator of Earth.
2. North facing for Southern hemisphere.
3. South facing for Northern hemisphere.
4. Tilt angle = Latitude of the location
5. Shadow free area is required.

Importance of setting up accurate direction of solar panels is,
• It decides the output level (efficiency) of the solar panels.
• More accurate direction generates the best possible electricity from the solar panels.

See how solar DC system works:

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  1. There are other methods for calculating solar tilt. How can you only take latitude?
    1. latitude + 15 for winter
    2. latitude – 15 for summer
    1. latitude*0.9 +29 for winter
    2. latitude*0.9 – 23.5 for summer
    3. latitude – 2.5 for spring/ winter

  2. Thanks Su-Kam team. Why you don't discuss that we can also use solar panels in Parallel Connection. it will provide us wide range of DC current. In this we simply depends over solar power, instead of any electricity company. A long battery backup mean a long time of consumption. So, we must use only solar panels as battery charger. Then we can reduce the electicity bills.
    Thanks Su-Kam

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