How to convert your any Inverter Battery setup into Solar Inverter

How  to convert your any Inverter Battery setup into Solar Inverter

Using Solar Conversion Kit, you can convert any inverter/battery set up into solar power system. You will need solar panels, battery, inverter and Solarcon (Solar Conversion Kit) for this.

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  1. Mam, aapane vedio me diode ke bare me pura nahi bataya uski size ya no. Aur MOV ke bare me usaki size ya no. aur Kay Mai 12V inverter Ko 150W + 200W total 350W. Panel Laga sakata na, aur ha battery full charge home ke bad din me agar solar panels jitana current generate kar rahe hai, utana use na ho paya to bakika power kaha jayega. Please contact me on my mobile no. 8329414606 Mai is system Ko apane invert se upgrade Monday Ko kar Raha hoo so please contact me before Saturday, because I collect all equipment on Saturday. Thanks

  2. I am having Sukam Shark 650 & 850 inverters and planning to use Solarcon. Is Solarcon compatible with square wave inverters? Or it is compulsory to have sine wave inverters. I haven't found this info in brochure.

  3. Mam it is good video but I hv an doub that my house some load on invertor like 3 fan 1 TV 5 LED Bulbs and some load like cooler refrigerator water pump from main (METER) IT S mean thr when thr supply of light then I use my all electrical equipment and when thr is no power I can use my some equipment which attached with invertor.
    So how can i use solar with my all electronic equipment because u tell that sukam solarcon will attach with invertor
    U can also me on my no. 9541065195

  4. From Ramanahapuram, TamilNadu – 623501. I need SolarCon details and quotation for converting my VGuard 1400va dual tall tubular battery system inverter.

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