Homemade Wind Turbine Generator! – Wind Power Generator!

Homemade Wind Turbine Generator! - Wind Power Generator! - simple DIY (runs radio!)

Homemade Wind Turbine Generator! Wind Power Generator. Easy DIY Instructions. items needed: PVC Pipe, propeller blade, DC motor and wire. Stand is made of 3/4″ PVC. Produces essentially “free” usable power to run radios and small lights etc… add the optional battery/inverter for making AC power. adding a storage battery also makes it possible to run larger items (whether the wind is blowing or not) …and add a small inverter to run AC powered items. this “table top” size model would be useful in many off-grid situations including SHTF/Emergency/Power Outage/Camping/Rural Living etc… simple assembly/disassembly. durable, lightweight and portable. notes: propeller blades of this kind can be found at your local hobby store. use PVC Pipe Cement to make the stand more “permanent”. the wire i used is from an old extension cord. since filming i’ve reduced the length of the wire from 8 ft. down to 2 ft. (shortening the wire increases power output). low power radio was used. operates on as little as 28-35ma at 2v-3v. (43ma at 2.4v was average output using small desk fan). volt/amp readings on meter were all over the place when i used the leaf blower (5 to 10 times higher vs. desk fan). leaf blower produces wind up to 140MPH. i blasted the wind turbine with blower from about 3 feet away for over 5 mins and it stood firm entire time.

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  1. a brushless motor is better it will make more power but ac power then just use diodes to convert it to dc and use a voltage regulator to keep the voltage safe for the battery.

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  3. You could just use a zenor diode between the fan and the battery so the electrons only flow one way, also i find it hard to believe that that would generate anything above 2 volts, it would be more like a slow drip feed to the battery and if you used a charge controller with that the power generated would be lost in the conversion.

  4. I'm trying to make this hapn but I can't get it to to turn on LED or lol cheap light need help please and thnx

  5. i am making one of these on a larger scale using a treadmill motor, what charge controller/regulator would you use?

  6. How many volts and at what current does it generate?  Use V on meter for voltage and put meter in series of circuit (eg small light) for current reading using Ma on meter.

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