Homemade Battery Charger – solar powered! – fast charge (AA,AAA,C,D sizes) – simple DIY

Homemade Battery Charger - solar powered! - fast charge (AA,AAA,C,D sizes) - simple DIY

Homemade Solar Powered Battery Charger. very simple design. only 3 items needed, 1 small solar panel, plastic battery cradle, rechargeable batteries. powerful fast charge. easy to make. for charging 2 to 4 AA AAA C or D size batteries. use a 6v 1.5 watt panel. that will produce 250mah of current per hour. you can also use a 6v .5 watt or 6v 1 watt panel. those will charge the batteries slower but will work

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  1. Can i use the 6v 3.5 to charge AA,,AAA in the field ? Will the 3.5 charge faster ? Thank you sir for the video.

  2. i loved the video. been looking for information like this. i bought a 6v 2w cell and soldered a 9v block battery connector to the back and connected a AA battery holder for 4 batteries that also had a 9v block battery connector. took 2 hours or less. from the cell i got around 7 v.

    you mentioned for more batteries buying a 12v cell. i think buying a 2nd 6v 2w cell and connecting in series for more voltage or parallel for more wattage might be better because you can add to or take away as needed.

  3. So I've made a solar car but I want to attach a battery so the solar panels can charge the battery while the battery powers the motor…How do I do that? Please include a circuit diagram if possible 😀

  4. I'm a bit confused do you only connect it to the negative, positive, or both? -I mean if you don't put in cradle and it is separate

  5. What if you already have a battery charger that plugs into the wall to charge batteries. Could you just plug up the connectors to the prongs or just one of the prongs, idk, I remember reading the longer prong is a neutral, never read enough about it to know exactly what that means. lol I'm not trying to be/studying to be an electrician or anything. 🙂

  6. hi bro, if i get 12V solar panel and i want to charge about 3 or 4 D size batteries, how long its gonna take?really need a reply bro thanks 🙂

  7. I have 5V panel and need to charge 2 AA batteries which about 2.7V , do I need a resistor for that or do you have a formula to calculate that ?

  8. I need to charge 6 rechargeable sunlabz D Batteries at a time, 5000 mAh, 1.2 volts NiCd. what do you suggest?

  9. I bought 2 12 v solar panels and a rechargeable batteries the panels say they can charge sealed lead acid batteries can they still charge these

  10. simple and fun ! if i have solar panel 6 V can i charge 10 v Batteries? and how long it will take to be full charged ?

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