Home Solar Power System Installation

EEVblog #484 - Home Solar Power System Installation

Installing and initial testing of Dave’s 3kW home solar power system. With Sunnyboy SMA inverter, 250W LG Mono-X solar panels, and net metering.

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  1. You can find something like this on the Avasva page. Full step-by-step instructions right on your desk.

  2. 60 amp? You have to unplug the fridge to run the ac…lol. Man… I have 200amp in my shop/garage and 150 in the house. The ironic part is no ac. Heat is the primary concern around here. Dropping to -36c here Tonight…brrrrrr

  3. You should probably install a battery system to store the energy produced by your solar panels, instead of selling it to the grid a third of the price you buy it. You might even end up producing the vast majority of the energy you need.

  4. >…inverter can't go next to the fuse box

    (but mum's is, Dave why?)

    >……because of the gas (pans to show meter)

    ahh that'll be it. no gas at Mum's – they have bottles.

    our inverter box gets so hot in the summer, can't tell if it is a bodge job.

  5. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out how to install solar system for home try Pyzork Solar Saver Professor (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got cool results with it.

  6. This is great. Did you know that it is illegal to have solar panel systems in the Spain. That is right. That tax you for the sun. Stupid spain

  7. You would have had a right good rampage / moan about our solar system install job. The plonkers installed two rows of 2kw and the upper row were all installed upside down, so the male and female link cables did not match. As such the installers left the entire upper row disconnected. I sniffed a rat though after the inverted only ever read a max of 1.9kw on a sunny day, then i noticed the disconnected cables tucked in under the panels.

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