Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger – How to Cut Out The LED

Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger - How to Cut Out The LED

In this video, I take a Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger and show you how to take it apart and cut out the LED so the voltage is stady instead of pulsing with the LED.

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9 Comments on “Harbor Freight 1.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger – How to Cut Out The LED”

  1. I cut the smallest wire on the right side of the LED, which I believe is black or dark gray. not the red wire. It should work right?

  2. good little video, I happen to get 19.6 volts from my Fluke meter. I wouldn't say that's a trickle charge anymore. I may have to buy a voltage regulator , which I think Harbor Freight sells

  3. stop fucking about taking it apart you mug…..cover the flashing light with a bit of black electrical tape….it's that simple?

  4. It appears my panel has been sealed off so i cant take it apart, would destroying the led at the front panel do the same job? i.e jamming a screw driver through it?

  5. I've been using this on my van for the past 10 days since I made this video and I must say it is keeping the battery topped up nicely. Usually it will have a hard time cranking after this many days but its like I drove it yesterday. 2 thumbs up for this battery tender.

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