Hacking The Ultimate Tesla Home Solar Battery

Hacking The Ultimate Tesla Home Solar Battery

Demonstrate total control of a Tesla Model S 85kWh battery pack with no modifications and indeed not even opening the battery pack. We access the BMS directly by CAN, manipulate internal contactors, and connect the pack to a charger and a UQM Powerphase 100 Drive Train.

But wait there’s more. We ALSO have cracked the individual Module BMS boards and can create home solar batteries of 1 to 62 modules with total control of ALL individual cell voltages, temperature sensors, and balancing circuits.

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  1. think your chatomo , is great technologies , is this liquid cooling can make the hydrogen bubble ?can battery pack self destruct ,is i3 got some good stuff and smarter? Thanks

  2. Has there been any progress with the Chademo charging lately, I remember in a few older videos that someone was working on 300 amp D.C. Charger as well.

  3. Thank you Jack. Another very interesting/informative show. A lot of this wouldn't make a bit of sense to me if I wasn't working on the same types of projects.

    I think the best place to park our home storage batteries is in a bunker below the frost line in back yard. Heating and cooling are less complex as our planet makes an excellent heat source/sink.

    And the bonus for watching to the end of the show is insider info. on upcoming fire sale for "obsolete" motors/inverters…

  4. You know, it was much, much easier to just buy CARB LiFePo4's and hook them up to the existing system structure. Good inverters are readily available at those voltages and there is a definite safety advantage. That is what I did at least 3 years ago.

  5. I don't find this useful at all. These cells are made to cycle 500 times. So they are not made for storage. The other most obvious thing is the price of this pack and the price of a Powerwall 2. The Powerwall 2 has an inverter and a computer that can sell power back to the grid etc. On top of all that it is IP67 so you can put it outside the house. So all in all this reverse engineering is not only useless but dangerous. Do you really need that much kWh? If you do buy 2 Powerwalls. That will still be cheaper than this dangerous way. I wish people respect these engineers that spend most of their lives to make us a safe and a good product. I don't see it smart or clever to do that reading of the busses etc. when you know all too well that you can have a fire from that pack. Why do it? Why build a shelter when you can buy a Powerwall 2? Why? Tesla can buy back this pack and give you a discount on the Powerwall 2.

  6. Wow, this looks so promising. Saving my dollars for this. Already have the concrete block bunker planned to keep the fireworks from ruining my day.

  7. 37:07 That Tesla highspeed crash, with the batteries exploding etc. That over 150 yard long debris field gives a hint to why there are battery modules are random cells all over the road. You aren't going to be driving your solar battery at 80MPH and crashing it into trees.

    Biggest risk to the 85kWh pack you have in the workshop, comes from dropping heavy things on it. You should consider a watchdog for the external controller, just in case something causes the CPU to crash.

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