Good ideas for saving energy

Good ideas for saving energy

Ekoblogomanija presents movie ”Good ideas for saving energy”.
Follow these 10 simple steps to change your habits, save energy and protect the planet.
By preventing water dripping and irrational use of water we could save about 30 gallons of water per citizen daily.
Despite the fact that water covers majority of our planet, only 1 percent is available for drinking.
Over a billion people on the planet have a problem with the availability of drinking water.
Remember that before you leave the tap dripping, and thus unnecessarily waste water.
Put the lid on the pot.
You can save up to 30% of the energy by putting the lid on the pot while you are cooking.
Battery chargers waste power even when they’re not connected to the mobile phone.
Also, there is the risk of fire.
Unplug your battery charger from the socket when it’s not in use.
Common light bulbs consume 6 times more electricity, last 8 times less, and 95% of energy is released in the form of heat. Use energy-saving bulbs.
Depending on their thickness, plastic bags decomposition lasts up to a million years. Use eco canvas bags.
Buy family packs. Besides being cheaper, they reduce the number of individual product packaging.
The world population has reached 7 billion.
In proportion to population growth, the amount of waste generated in households and the economy is also increasing.
Waste pollutes the ground and becomes a source of infection for humans and animals.
A large amount of waste has the ability to be re-used or recycled.
You can take many items from waste, use it again or put it in places for recycling in your own home. This process is called waste sorting.
Why recycle? When we recycle, we save natural resources, energy, help protection of the environment; reduce the necessity of using natural resources (water, soil etc.). Use of recycled materials in production also saves energy, because we need far more energy when we get new products processing natural raw materials than we do if they are made from recycled materials.
Recycling significantly reduces the amount of waste on landfill, and thus also reduces its spreading.
When we recycle materials and get new products, we reduce landfill and the destruction of soil.
At the same time we also reduce the amount of methane, a gas that is produced in landfills and causes the greenhouse effect and climate changes on Earth.
Avoid ‘stand by’ or ‘sleep’ mode on your computer. These devices can consume between 10 and 60 percent of the electricity that they normally do when they are in use. Turn them off when they are not in use.
When you do your laundry or dishes in a half-empty machine, you are wasting water irrationally. Be economical; put the machine in use only when it’s fully loaded.
By doing this, you save water, so the water and electricity bill is going to be much lower, and you will save money.
Instead of driving a car, and thus pollute the environment, use your energy and ride a bike more often.
This way, the environment will be cleaner and healthier.

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